Detox is an essential step in substance abuse treatment. It takes time, often requires a significant amount of discomfort, and relies on your ability to detox in a safe, positive environment. Yet, there are many rewards that come from detoxing and removing dangerous drugs from your system. At Solution Based Treatment, our detox program will help you embrace your future.

Recognize the Stages of Detox

Moving through the stages of detox and substance abuse treatment isn’t a simple or easy process. It requires making good decisions, which is hard to do when you’re actively using addictive, psychoactive narcotics. We can help you through this when you work with our team. Here’s a look at the stages of detox.

The Decision to Get Help

In this initial stage, you’ve come to the realization you need help. It’s the most challenging part of the process because you recognize how much control this drug has over your future. You’re seeking information and trying to determine if a detox program is right for you.

Withdrawal Symptom Onset

In the second stage, you’ve stopped using the drug. That means withdrawal symptoms and cravings are likely to start. You may begin to experience symptoms within 8 to 24 hours after your last dose, depending on the type of drug you’re using and the length of your use. Your first symptoms are likely to be cravings, headaches, upset stomach, and agitation.

Symptoms Increase

Over the next 24 hours, your body seems to be revolting. Intense cravings cause many people to relapse, but a detox program will help you stay on track. During this time, you may feel more intense symptoms, such as:

  • Headaches
  • Inability to sleep
  • Muscle pain
  • Agitation and anxiety
  • Inability to focus

This is also the stage when health problems can arise, especially if you have a severe addiction. This may include things like seizures, paranoia, and irregular heart rhythms.

Symptoms Peak and Start to Decline

At some point, you will reach the peak point of the stages of detox. You’ll feel miserable for a few days, but your symptoms will fade; they always do. When you feel as though the symptoms and cravings are as much as you can endure, continue to hold out. Our experienced, patient therapists will be there for you every step of the way. 

What a Detox Program Can Do for You

During the stages of detox, you’ll face the incredible temptation to use drugs or alcohol. You may even find it nearly impossible not to do so. Yet, in a drug detox program, you’ll have a team helping you and no access to those drugs. You’ll also have medications available to help tame the way you feel. You may even see significant improvement in substance abuse because you’ll have therapy and support right from the beginning.

Invest in Your Future by Getting Help for Substance Abuse

Recognizing the stages of detox may make it hard for you to decide to get help. You’re worried about what it will feel like. At Solution Based Treatment, our detox program is one component to successful, long-lasting recovery. We offer a range of therapies designed to support your transformation and healing. Those programs include:

  • Sober living support services
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Schedule a Consultation with Solution Based Treatment for Fast Help

Understanding the stages of detox is an important first step. Yet, the biggest step is recognizing that you need help for substance abuse. Our detox program at Solution Based Treatment can provide you with the tools you need to recover. To reach that point, we encourage you to reach out to us by calling 833.999.1941 or connect with us online.

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