In drug and alcohol treatment, one of the biggest fears many people have is relapsing. It can happen – and you are always at risk of it. Yet, with the right support and a few relapse prevention tips, you may be able to avoid addiction relapse. You may be able to stay on the path towards recovery, working on restoring your health and mental wellbeing as you do. At Solution Based Treatment, our team can provide you with exceptional support.

Relapse Prevention Tips You Can Use Today

Addiction relapse is the biggest risk to many people once they work through detox. At this point, your body is working on healing. With proper addiction therapy, your brain is healing, as is your mental health. Yet, there is the risk of addiction relapse if you do not take an active role in therapy. These tips may help you.

Focus on Your Goals

One of the best relapse prevention tips is this. Have a list of all of the goals you have. These are the things you are working for and towards for yourself and your loved ones. Visually seeing these is an important step in staying the course.

Support Your Body’s Healing

Being hungry or tired puts you at risk for relapse. It’s always necessary to focus on giving your body the nutrients it needs to heal. That means getting in some sun, eating balanced meals, and getting a good night’s sleep consistently. To heal, your body needs fuel.

Have a Mentor Reach to Turn To

To avoid addiction relapse, you need someone you can call on at a moment’s notice to help you in those difficult times. While you can always reach out to your therapists with us, you also need to have someone local to you ready to support you. This should be a person you trust to keep you focused on your recovery goals and someone that will answer the phone.

Keep Yourself Busy in a Good Way

When you occupy your mind, especially with good things, you’re giving your brain the ability to avoid thinking about using drugs and alcohol. Stay busy in a variety of ways such as:

  • Exercising daily
  • Working or going to school
  • Engaging with people who support your addiction
  • Volunteer when you’re ready to
  • Start a new hobby or re-engage in something you used to love
  • Find a way to rebuild relationships when positive

Always Meet Your Recovery Therapy Guidelines

Perhaps one of the most important relapse tips is to stay in connection with your therapist. Go to your meetings. Keep in contact with your mentor. You also may need to get therapy on a more consistent basis. An aftercare program may also help you to stay on the right path forward.

Know When You Need More Help for Addiction Relapse

If you’re in recovery and worried about relapse, you could already be at risk for it. For that reason, you should not wait to call Solution Based Treatment. Let us help you by providing you with support and guidance so you can avoid the onset of relapse. Even if you’ve already started using again, we can help you. Our programs include:

  • Detox treatment services
  • Sober living support services
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Dual diagnosis

Work on Healing with the Help of Solution Based Treatment

These relapse prevention tips provide you with support right now. Yet, if you are facing addiction relapse right now, don’t wait to get help. Call Solution Based Treatment for an immediate appointment. Our team can help you stay the course and allow you to heal. Call 833.999.1941 or connect with us online now.

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