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Moda Rehab Coverage

Overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol can be one of the most challenging feats of your life. However, many outpatient and residential treatment options are available. Additionally, health insurance now covers these treatment plans to some degree, including Moda. Does Moda cover rehab fully? What about outpatient addiction treatment? Take a look at the details of finding a rehab that accepts Moda below.

Moda Insurance Plan Options

Moda is a well-known health insurance provider with coverage options in multiple states, including Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. While Moda is available to participants in these states, the insurer also has one of the largest networks of care providers in other states, including California. Depending on your home state, you may have access to several plan options with Moda, including individual and group plans, family plans, and student plans. The insurer has various plan options divided into subgroups with various deductibles and coverage options.

Addiction Treatment Options

The first step toward reclaiming your life from addiction requires finding the program most suitable to you and your needs. Rehab that accepts Moda in CA may offer outpatient treatment, residential treatment, detox facilities, support groups, and individual therapy.

Moda for Medical Detox

Medical detox helps individuals safely withdraw from addictive substances while withdrawal symptoms and medical complications are professionally addressed. Moda covers medical detox as it is considered a critical step in the treatment of substance abuse disorders. Therefore, you should not have an issue finding a detox that accepts Moda.

Moda Coverage for Residential Treatment

Residential treatment for substance abuse involves 24/7 care in a structured, home-like environment. Patients receive therapy, group and individual counseling, and comprehensive support while residing at the facility for an extended period. This immersive approach provides a supportive community, medical supervision, and intensive treatment to address underlying issues and promote long-term recovery. Therefore, these programs are often deemed medically necessary for some patients and covered by Moda insurance plans.

Moda Coverage for Outpatient Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

IOPs provide structured therapy and support sessions without having to stay at a treatment facility. These programs are ideal for individuals who require more intensive treatment than traditional outpatient services but cannot commit to residential treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

PHPs offer intensive treatment during the day. Patients in PHP have access to medical supervision, therapy sessions, and other supportive services while in a treatment facility during the day, but they can return home in the evenings.

Other Forms of Outpatient Treatment

Moda Health covers various other outpatient treatment options for substance abuse. These may include medication management services, private counseling, or otherwise.

Moda Rehab Coverage FAQs

Does Moda insurance cover drug and alcohol rehab?

Yes. Due to the Affordable Care Act, all insurers now treat behavioral/mental health as a necessary form of health care. Therefore, Moda covers drug and alcohol addiction treatment to some extent. Be sure to look at your policy specifics when you decide to seek treatment, so you know what costs to expect.

Does Moda cover outpatient addiction treatment?

Moda insurance does cover outpatient treatment, but how much is covered will depend on your specific policy. For example, Moda Health Oregon Standard Gold requires a payment of $5 per visit for the first three visits for outpatient substance abuse treatment. Costs are then $20 per visit. Keep in mind, however, that costs can vary depending on specific coverage, plan, and whether you seek treatment through an in-network treatment program.

Does Moda cover inpatient mental health?

Moda does cover residential treatment or inpatient rehab for mental health, including addiction treatment. Further, the Moda collection of in-network mental health providers is pretty extensive. Therefore, you should have no problem finding treatment facilities where Moda is accepted. Most insured plans cover a percentage of the cost, with the insured being responsible for the rest. For example, with Moda Health Oregon Standard Gold, you will be responsible for 35% of the treatment costs.

Do treatment centers need to be In-Network?

Whether treatment centers for addiction treatment need to be in-network depends on the specific terms of your Moda Health insurance plan. In-network treatment centers have contracted agreements with Moda Health to provide services at discounted rates, resulting in lower out-of-pocket costs for members. However, some plans may offer the option to seek out-of-network treatment to receive services from other preferred providers.

How much does Moda insurance cover?

Moda’s coverage for substance abuse treatment varies depending on the specific plan. Generally, Moda Health provides coverage for evidence-based substance abuse treatment as part of its behavioral health benefits. This coverage may include services for either outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation, as well as detox programs. Some plans will cover a certain percentage of treatment costs, while others may only require a co-pay amount per day or per treatment session.

How is a Moda HMO different from a PPO?

Moda Health offers two main types of health insurance plans: Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). While both plans provide access to healthcare services, they differ in key aspects. With an HMO, you will be required to obtain referrals and will experience lower out-of-pocket costs. In contrast, Moda PPO has higher out-of-pocket costs but offers more freedom for selecting preferred providers.

Can you get a single-case agreement with Moda?

A single case agreement (SCA) with Moda Health may be possible if you are not finding a rehab program that takes Moda specifically. An SCA is a contract between a provider and an insurance company to provide specific addiction treatment services at an agreed-upon rate. SCAs require approval from Moda Health before services are rendered. Contact your insurer if you are having trouble finding rehabs that take Moda to discuss this option.

How do I pay for costs not covered by Moda insurance?

If you find a rehab program Moda insurance covers, but you still face out-of-pocket costs, you may need to explore other options to pay for the cost of treatment. Options include negotiating with providers for payment plans, seeking assistance through government-funded programs, or even looking to loved ones for a bit of help.

How can I verify my Moda insurance benefits?

If you are looking for treatment plans covered by Moda, contact Solution Based Treatment for help at (833) 999-1941. We can verify your insurance and determine which programs are likely to be covered fully. You can also contact Moda directly by calling (888) 217-2363 or visit your member dashboard at

Solution Based Treatment offers the best medically supervised opioid detox that accepts Moda and rehab that accepts Moda in the country. We also offer local intensive outpatient programs and day treatment (PHP) for opiates to residents in the following areas:

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Moda Rehab Coverage