Solution Based Treatment Admissions Process

The Admissions Process

One of the things that sets Solution Based Treatment apart from other providers of care is our simple Admissions Process. Our Admission Advisors guide you through every step of the process. Many of them understand what it’s like to experience substance abuse disorders because they too are in recovery so they can empathize with you or your loved one. It all begins with the first call.

Your First Call

Most of our clients, their spouses or other family members find us online and call in. The goal of the first call is to understand what you or your loved one is struggling with and how long the issue has been going on. Once we understand what you need we then describe our treatment programs that might fit your needs and also describe our treatment facilities. As well, we’ll want to gather some insurance information from you like your insurance company name and policy number.  

Verification Of Benefits

We understand most people do not like talking to insurance companies. Our Admission Advisors do this for you. Within about an hour during normal business hours, our Admission Advisors will reach out to your insurance company. During this call, they will determine your coverage and see if your insurance will cover the costs of care.

Your Treatment Options

Once our Admission Advisors know more about your insurance coverage they’ll call you back. During this call, they let you know the treatment programs you’re eligible for. We offer inpatient detox programs, residential treatment programs as well as outpatient options.

Clinical Assessment

Once you choose your treatment option, you then have a brief telephonic assessment. During this call, one of our clinicians will go more in-depth about the substance(s) you or your loved one are using and also learn more about your medical and clinical history. This information is all confidential and only provided to the members of our Treatment Team so they can compose a unique treatment plan for you or your loved one.

Upon Admission: Medical Assessment

Once you arrive at our facility, you’ll have a brief medical assessment. This medical assessment is done to make sure you or your loved one are medically stable and ready for treatment. This may or may not include a detox phase of care depending on your specific needs.

Your Customized Treatment Plan

Your medical assessment and clinical assessments are used to create a customized treatment plan unique to you or your loved one. This may include FDA approved medications for detoxing from opioids, alcohol or benzodiazepines in addition to medications for mental health if needed. Once your treatment plan is in place and medications are ordered your road to recovery begins.

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Admissions Process