rehabs that take medical mutual

Rehabs that Accept Medical Mutual Insurance

While choosing addiction treatment is a life-changing resolution, sometimes, determining how to pay for treatment can be a little overwhelming. Does Medical Mutual cover rehab? Thankfully, most health care insurance providers offer some level of coverage for treatment programs like inpatient rehab, including Medical Mutual. Solution Based Treatment may accept Medical Mutual insurance depending on your plan. To see if your insurance will cover 100% of the cost of treatment, call Admissions at (833) 999-1941.

Medical Mutual Insurance Plan Options

Medical Mutual is an Ohio-based company that offers a variety of health insurance plans in different states, including California. The insurer has both individual and family plans, including Copay plans, High-Deductible plans, and Essentials plans specifically designed for young adults. Unlike some of the larger insurance providers, Medical Mutual plans are Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) based, with several care providers being a part of the network in 18 states. Therefore, some rehabs that take Medical Mutual in California are available.

Addiction Treatment Options

Diverse addiction treatment options are available. These include outpatient treatment services, inpatient rehab programs, detox treatment, support groups, and more. By tapping into the resources available in these areas, individuals can tailor their recovery journey to best suit their needs and preferences.

Medical Mutual for Medical Detox

Securing a detox that accepts Medical Mutual insurance is usually a straightforward process. Medically supervised alcohol detox, heroin detox or prescription drug detox programs can be deemed medically necessary by an insurance company because the initial stages of withdrawal can require close care. Ensure to discuss the specifics of your plan with both the insurance company and potential service providers to locate a detox program Medical Mutual insurance will cover.

rehabs that accept medical mutual

Medical Mutual Coverage for Residential Treatment

Due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurance companies are required by law to offer coverage for substance abuse treatment because it can be life-changing for someone with an addiction. Therefore, Medical Mutual does cover residential programs to some degree. When you seek treatment from rehabs that accept Medical Mutual, you gain access to the intensive therapy you need. Be sure to discuss coverage for residential treatment with a Medical Mutual drug rehab to gain an understanding of your financial responsibilities.

Medical Mutual Coverage for Outpatient Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

These structured treatment programs offer therapy and support multiple times a week, which is the perfect setup for allowing individuals to maintain daily responsibilities. Intensive Outpatient Programs are often covered by Medical Mutual.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

PHPs provide intensive daytime treatment while allowing patients to return home at night. These programs can be highly effective in bridging the gap between inpatient and outpatient care and are usually covered by health insurance with the proper preauthorization.

Other Outpatient Treatment

This category includes different treatment options like individual therapy, group counseling, and medication management, all of which may be conducted on an outpatient basis. Medical Mutual covers drug rehab that utilizes various types of evidence-based treatments that may fall into this category.

Medical Mutual Rehab Coverage FAQs

How can I verify my Medical Mutual insurance benefits?

If you need assistance verifying benefits, call Solution Based Treatment at (833) 999-1941. Our team at Solution Based Treatment can verify your benefits for free within an hour and provide insights into whether your insurance will cover 100% of substance abuse treatment costs. You can also reach out to the insurance company directly by calling Medical Mutual at (844) 999-9355 or visiting their website at

Do treatment centers need to be In-Network with Medical Mutual?

While Medical Mutual only offers HMO plans, treatment centers don’t necessarily need to be In-Network for some type of coverage. In-network providers usually result in lower out-of-pocket costs due to negotiated rates. The insurer may still provide coverage for out-of-network rehabs that accept Medical Mutual, although it may involve higher costs.

Can you get a single-case agreement with Medical Mutual?

A single-case agreement is a negotiated arrangement between an individual’s insurance provider, such as Medical Mutual, and a treatment facility. It allows coverage for treatment at a specific facility that may not be within the insurer’s network. While it’s worth exploring, the possibility of securing a single-case agreement with Medical Mutual may vary depending on individual circumstances and the insurer’s policies.

How much does Medical Mutual insurance cover?

When you find a rehab program Medical Mutual insurance covers, the amount covered for treatment can differ depending on your specific plan. Some plans may cover the bulk of costs, while others may only cover certain elements of behavioral health services.

Does Medical Mutual insurance cover drug and alcohol rehab?

Medical Mutual insurance typically covers drug and alcohol rehab, including Medical Mutual alcohol rehab or residential substance abuse treatment as part of its plans. However, coverage specifics may vary. Review the insured plan details or contact Medical Mutual directly to confirm coverage to find out what types of treatment are covered.

Does Medical Mutual cover outpatient addiction treatment?

Yes, Medical Mutual generally covers various types of outpatient addiction treatment. These treatment plans may include intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), individual therapy, group counseling, and medication addiction therapy. However, coverage specifics may vary depending on the policy.

Does Medical Mutual cover inpatient mental health?

Yes, Medical Mutual typically covers inpatient mental health services as part of its insurance plans. However, coverage specifics may vary for something like residential treatment depending on the policy. The insurer does require prior authorizations for inpatient services. Review the plan details of your policy, talk to treatment centers directly for insurance verification, or contact your insurer to confirm coverage for inpatient mental health treatment.

How do I pay for costs not covered by Medical Mutual insurance?

If you can’t find a rehab program that takes Medical Mutual, there are alternative avenues to explore to cover the cost of treatment. Consider financing options or installment plans offered by treatment facilities. Additionally, certain individuals may qualify for government assistance programs designed to alleviate the cost of addiction treatment. Seeking support from friends, family members, or utilizing crowdfunding platforms can also serve as an effective means to address any remaining expenses.

How is a Medical Mutual HMO different from a PPO?

Medical Mutual’s HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plan differs from a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) in several ways. With an HMO, members are typically required to choose a primary care physician and obtain referrals to see specialists. Moreover, HMO plans usually offer a narrower network of healthcare providers. However, Medical Mutual exclusively offers HMO plans, providing comprehensive coverage within its network of healthcare professionals and treatment facilities.


Medical Mutual Rehab Coverage