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Marijuana Rehab

Are you looking for a marijuana rehab near you? If you are, then we’re here to help at Solution Based Treatment. Although many people assume that marijuana can’t be addictive, the reality is that it’s possible to have a dependency to this drug. Fortunately, there is support to help you through withdrawal and rehabilitation. 

Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction symptoms are much like the addiction symptoms you’ll have with any addiction. Someone with this condition may begin to crave the drug more often than before, feel like they can’t function (or actually cannot function well) without it, or may develop withdrawal symptoms when they don’t use marijuana as usual. An increase in risk-taking behaviors, as well as a change in behavior, can also occur.

Symptoms of Marijuana Withdrawal

Some people will have withdrawal symptoms if they stop using cannabis suddenly. Symptoms of withdrawal may include:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Mood changes
  • Chills
  • Stomach problems
  • Cold sweats
  • Drug cravings
  • Depression

Symptoms can range anywhere from very mild to severe, which makes it important to work with a medical provider when detoxing. Withdrawal may take up to two weeks or longer since cannabinoids take up to two weeks to leave your body completely. 

In the Event of Emergency from Marijuana Withdrawal (CALL 911)

Marijuana withdrawal does not typically lead to life-threatening illness. However, if you become badly dehydrated, cannot keep food down, have heart-related or breathing-related symptoms, or develop autonomic symptoms, you could end up requiring medical care. Call 911 to get help as soon as possible.

Marijuana Detox – Do I Need it?

If you use marijuana only. You will typically not need to detox. However, many people that abuse marijuana also use other substances of abuse. If you or a loved one drinks excessively or uses heroin, other opioids or benzodiazepines, you may need to go though a brief detox phase.

Medications Used in Detox

There are several kinds of medications that can be used to help reduce the impact of withdrawal symptoms, such as benzodiazepines, antidepressants, and N-acetylcysteine (NAC). 

Our Marijuana Rehab Timeline (30, 45 or 60 Days)

So, is there rehab for marijuana? There is.

At Solution Based Treatment, we offer 30-, 45-, and 60-day programs to help you get on the path to a sober lifestyle. 

Our Other Marijuana Rehab Programs 

At Solution Based Treatment, we offer a number of rehab program options in our treatment facilities. 

Intensive Outpatient Programs for Marijuana Addiction

Focusing on your behavioral health needs and substance abuse treatment is possible even if you can’t be a residential marijuana rehab patient. Sometimes, an insurance company will cover intensive outpatient programs (IOP) instead, which take place for several hours a day, most days of the week. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs for Marijuana Addiction

Partial hospitalization programs (Day Treatment) are not residential marijuana rehab programs, but they work similarly. You’ll go to the facility most of the day, every day, but get to go home at night.

Will Insurance Cover Marijuana Rehab?

Usually, insurance will pay for treatment so long as that treatment falls under its schedule of benefits. 

PPO insurance coverage for Marijuana rehab

In rehabs that accept PPO insurance coverage, providers may be inside or out of your network. In-network coverage tends to cover the cost of treatment fully after your deductible and co-insurance. 

HMO insurance coverage for Marijuana rehab

Rehabs that accept HMO insurance will only cover the cost of care when you see in-network providers. HMO insured plans may require you to pay all of the costs out-of-pocket when you see an out-of-network provider. 

If You Need Detox and It’s Complete: Transition to Our Residential Marijuana Rehab

In residential care, you’ll receive around-the-clock support following detox. This includes 24-hour medical support if needed.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program for Marijuana Use Disorder

Our intensive outpatient program for marijuana use disorder is evidence based and designed to put your health care needs first. You come to see us several (if not all) days of the week for a few hours each day to get the support you need to thrive.

Getting Admitted to Our Marijuana Rehab Program

Ready to get started? Our Admissions Department will contact your insurer and verify your benefits. Call us today at (833) 999-1941 to get more information.

Our Treatment Team

Our treatment team is made up of professionals who are ready to support your goals. We’re here for you, supporting you every step of the way.

Why Solution Based Treatment for Marijuana Rehab?

Why Solution Based Treatment? We’re the top medically supervised marijuana rehab and have supportive rehabilitation services designed to give you the best chance of recovery.

FAQ’s About Marijuana Rehab

Where can I find a marijuana rehab near me, and does insurance cover marijuana rehab? 

Depending on your insurance provider, some or all of your marijuana rehab addiction treatment will be covered. How much will be covered? That depends on the types of treatment that your insurance carrier approves. Some will pay for outpatient treatment plans, while others will only cover mental health treatment programs or individual therapy.

Can you go to rehab for marijuana? 

Lots of people are under the incorrect assumption that you can’t go to rehab for marijuana. In reality, those who are asking “is there rehab for marijuana” are going to find a quick “yes” at Solution Based Treatment.

Where can I learn more about rehab for marijuana addiction?

To learn more about rehab for marijuana addiction, call our Admissions Department at (833) 999-1941 today.          

Solution Based Treatment offers the best medically supervised marijuana rehab programs in the country. We are also top providers of local intensive outpatient programs and day treatment (Partial Hospitalization Programs, or PHP) for marijuana use disorder to residents in the following areas: Temecula, CA, Murrieta, CA, Menifee, CA, Wildomar, CA, French Valley, CA, Lake Elsinore, CA, Canyon Lake, CA, French Valley, CA, Corona, CA, Vista, CA, Escondido, CA, San Marcos, CA, and Fallbrook, CA.


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