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EMDR Therapy

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy can help you overcome the stress and emotional response tied to past trauma. The goal is to help you heal, so you can move forward with your life without the trauma-based responses you live with today. Are you looking for “EMDR trauma therapy near me” or “EMDR somatic therapy near me?” If so, you’ve come to the right place. 

What Is EMDR Therapy?

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a technique that involves specific eye movements while recalling traumatic memories. The technique has been through many clinical trials and is an effective way to reduce the emotional response to traumatic memories. 

Common Mental Health Disorders We Treat With EMDR Therapy

EMDR can help with many mental health disorders including generalized anxiety disorder, depression, dissociative disorders, eating disorders, substance use disorder (SUD), gender dysphoria, obsessive-compulsive disorders, trauma disorders and personality disorders. 

EMDR Therapy

Common Substance Use Disorders We Treat With EMDR Therapy

Substance use disorders (SUDs) that can benefit from EMDR include alcohol use disorder, opioid use disorder, and other types of drug addiction and dual diagnoses. 

How Does EMDR Therapy Work?

There are eight phases of EMDR therapy. It’s typical for three to six sessions to be used to help resolve emotions tied to a single memory or event. For longer-term events or complex trauma, it may take eight to 12 sessions or longer to address the trauma. 

EMDR starts with an assessment to see what kinds of themes or memories you need to work on with reprocessing. Desensitization and reprocessing happen next, allowing you to identify uncomfortable or negative emotions, feelings, bodily sensations, and images. Installation happens after this, which focuses on instilling positive beliefs. Body scanning, closing, and stabilization occur last, and they may be followed up with reevaluation and continuing care as needed. 

Is EMDR Therapy Covered by Insurance?

EMDR therapy may be covered by your insurance company, along with many other types of treatment. After we work on possible treatment plans with you, we will contact your insurer to find out how much it will pay for treatment. We can verify your benefits in as little as an hour. 

Our Treatment Programs 

At our treatment centers, our focus is on your health and well-being. We offer a number of treatment programs that may include EMDR treatment. 

Inpatient Detox Programs

One program to look into before rehabilitation is inpatient detox. If you need to detox from drugs or alcohol, our inpatient detox helps you do so safely. SBT offers alcohol detox, heroin detox, benzo detox and many other detox programs.

Inpatient Rehab Programs

For those who are insured plans may cover inpatient rehab. Our residential rehabilitation programs are 30, 45, and 60 days long and include meals and your room, so you can focus on your substance abuse treatment and overall health care needs.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

If you would like to try outpatient treatment but need intensive support, an intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a good choice. Our IOP meets several days a week for several hours each time, giving you ongoing, regular support as you work through recovery.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Our partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) provide supportive care during the day but allow you to return home afterward. You can maintain responsibilities, such as work or school, while attending this kind of program.

Residential Mental Health Program

As you look for EMDR therapy San Diego or other California residents can try, consider our residential mental health program. Our residential program is 30, 45, or 60 days long and supports you with individual therapy, evidence based care, and support for behavioral health, mental health, and addiction treatment needs. 

How Do I Determine if My Insurance Will Cover Treatment?

When you seek treatment from one of our treatment facilities, we’ll reach out to your insurer to see if it will cover the cost of treatment. It only takes us around an hour to verify your benefits, so call us at (833) 999-1941 to see how much your insurer will pay.

PPO insurance coverage for EMDR Therapy

Rehabs that accept PPO insurance don’t have to be in your network. Our Admissions Department will call your insurer to see if we are in- or out-of-network, so we can tell you the total cost to you. 

HMO insurance coverage for EMDR Therapy

Rehabs that accept HMO insurance coverage need to be in your network for your insurance provider to cover your care. Our treatment facilities are in-network with several providers and can verify your benefits to tell you exactly how much, if anything, you’ll pay.

Our Treatment Team

Our treatment team is made up of medical and behavioral health professionals who are ready to help you on your path to recovery. From day one, we’re on your side as you make real changes for a better future.

Why Solution Based Treatment for EMDR Therapy?

At Solution Based Treatment, we put your needs first. Our goal is to provide evidence-based services to help you make the most of your time in our care. We are a top provider of substance use addiction treatment services and mental health support in the United States.

FAQ’s about EMDR Therapy

Where can I go to EMDR therapy near me?

At Solution Based Treatment, we offer the best EMDR treatment programs for people in recovery. We use evidence-based detox plans, local intensive outpatient programs (IOPS), and day treatment programs (Partial Hospitalization Programs, or PHP) to assist those looking for “Christian EMDR therapy near me.” For more information and to gain admission, contact us today. We offer inpatient detox and rehab programs to clients nationwide. We are also a provider ouf day treatment and outpatient care to those that live in and around Temecula, CA, Murrieta, CA, Menifee, CA, Wildomar, CA, French Valley, CA, Lake Elsinore, CA, Canyon Lake, CA, French Valley, CA, Corona, CA, Vista, CA, Escondido, CA, San Marcos, CA, and Fallbrook, CA. 



EMDR Therapy