Dialectical behavior therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

If you experience strong emotions that can make it hard to navigate daily life, one option is to pursue dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Dialectical behavior therapy is a type of talk therapy that can help you better understand your emotions and behaviors. 

What Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a type of talk therapy that focuses on helping you accept your reality, understand your behaviors and what affects them, and learn how to change to improve your life. This kind of therapy is effective for those who have trouble effectively managing and regulating their emotions. 

What Are the 6 Main Points of Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

The six main points of DBT are:

  1. Accepting the reality of the situation and your circumstances
  2. Analyzing your behaviors to learn healthier coping mechanisms
  3. Addressing, and changing, maladaptive and negative thoughts
  4. Developing collaborative skills
  5. Learning new coping mechanisms and skills
  6. Getting support

Common Disorders DBT Is Effective in Treating

DBT is effective in treating conditions including suicidal behavior, substance use disorder, eating disorders, borderline personality disorder (BPD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and many others. 


How Does DBT Work?

The goal of therapists using DBT is to encourage a balance between accepting who you are and recognizing when changes may benefit you in the long-term. You will go through a pre-assessment, individual therapy, skills training, and crisis coaching to learn emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and boundary setting, as well as other important skills. 

Substance Abuse and Dialectical Behavior Therapy

DBT focuses on having you accept yourself where you are. You need to accept that you are living with a substance use disorder, for example. Then, it’s important to recognize the ability to change and to take steps to do so.

Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Dialectical behavior therapy treatment programs may be covered by insurance.  Our Admissions Department will contact your insurer when you seek treatment. We’ll verify your health care benefits and determine if your insurer will pay all of the costs associated with substance abuse treatment and DBT.

Our Approach to Dialectical Behavior Therapy

At Solution Based Treatment, our approach is to help you go through the types of treatment that will work best for you. You will go through a pre-assessment to help design treatment plans that have your best interests in mind. If DBT is one of those services, then you will begin with individual therapy.

Our Treatment Programs 

We have a number of programs for you to choose from at Solution Based Treatment. 

Inpatient Detox Programs

Inpatient detox addiction treatment programs help you get the drugs or alcohol out of your system. The treatment facilities have around-the-clock care and monitoring to ensure the easiest path through withdrawal possible. 

Inpatient Rehab Programs

An inpatient rehab program allows you to live at the facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll receive around-the-clock mental health and substance use disorder treatment. Our inpatient and residential programs are 30, 45, and 60 days long.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) provide outpatient treatment at treatment centers, in local community settings, and in other places. Intensive programs meet for several hours a day at a time and may meet several days per week. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) give you the benefits of inpatient hospitalization but allow you to go home at night. This is ideal for those with responsibilities that don’t allow them to seek 24-hour residential care.

How Do I Determine if My Insurance Will Cover Treatment?

Your insurance company may completely cover the cost of treatment depending on the behavioral health and SUD program you choose. We will contact your insurer to find out how much it will pay for treatment and can verify your benefits in as little as an hour. 

PPO insurance coverage for DBT

For those who are insured plans with PPO coverage are the most flexible. Rehabs that accept PPO coverage don’t have to be in your insurance network to be covered by your insurance company. 

HMO insurance coverage for DBT

Rehabs that accept HMO insurance need to be in your insurance network or won’t have their services covered. 

Our Treatment Team

At Solution Based Treatment, our treatment team is made up of professionals with the experience and training to help you through a substance use disorder, mental health disorder, or dual diagnosis. We use evidence-based treatments to guide your care, so you can move toward a life of sobriety.

Why Solution Based Treatment for DBT?

Solution Based Treatment uses only evidence-based treatment options to help you along your path to recovery. We work with you, listen to your wants, needs, and concerns, and guide you forward. 

FAQ’s About Alcohol DBT

Where can I get dialectical behavior therapy near me? 

We offer DBT at Solution Based Treatment. Call us at (833) 999-1941 to speak with our Admissions Department and get enrolled. 

Are there dialectical behavior therapy groups near me?

At Solution Based Treatment, we have DBT groups you can work with to assist you in your personal growth. Call (833) 999-1941 to learn more.

Why choose Solution Based Treatment for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy near me? 

At Solution Based Treatment, we offer the best substance use disorder (SUD) treatment programs in the country. We use evidence-based detox plans, local intensive outpatient programs (IOPS), and day treatment programs (Partial Hospitalization Programs, or PHP) as well as DBT and other treatment options to help our clients reach a life of sobriety. For more information on our addiction treatment or mental health care services, call us. We work with clients from all over the country for inpatient detox and treatment. We also help people with outpatient and day treatment programs in Temecula, CA, Murrieta, CA, Menifee, CA, Wildomar, CA, French Valley, CA, Lake Elsinore, CA, Canyon Lake, CA, French Valley, CA, Corona, CA, Vista, CA, Escondido, CA, San Marcos, CA, and Fallbrook, CA. 



Dialectical Behavior Therapy