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Our Approach to Care

Evidence-based care (EBC) is a term commonly used by treatment centers but rarely described. At Solution Based Treatment, what we mean by EBC is that our approach to treatment must satisfy 3 critical objectives. First, our approaches to care and the medications prescribed must be shown to be effective and grounded in clinical or medical research backed by empirical evidence. Second, it must be accepted and grounded in the experience and expertise of our team and commonly held by other professionals. Last, our approach to treatment must meet the expectations and the values of the clients we serve. The National Library of Medicine has a detailed article on evidence-based care if you’d like to learn more.

With a grounding in EBC, our medical staff, clinicians and counselors prescribe FDA approved medications and use approaches to care found safe and effective. This includes taper medications, comfort medications and treatment modalities shown to help our clients overcome addiction and mental health disorders. 

Our Treatment Team

Our Treatment Team includes Nurse Practitioners, LVN’s, Medical Assistants, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, counseling staff and client care coordinators. Collectively, our Treatment Team has well over 100 years of experience treating substance use and mental health disorders.

GeneSight Testing

One of the things that sets Solution Based Treatment apart from others is GeneSight testing. This is offered to our clients that suffer from mental health disorders that may benefit from medication. GeneSight testing is an analysis of the clients unique genetic make-up. The simple cheek-swab test is sent out for analysis. When it comes back, it informs our medical and clinical staff what medications may be best for our clients to treat common disorders like ADHD, anxiety and depression.

The Role of Nutrition in Treatment

Another important aspect of our approach in treatment is nutrition. Many of our clients that arrive to us for care are nutritionally deprived. This has a negative effect on mood and overall health. All of our inpatient clients benefit from catered meals that are nutritionally balanced. Our counseling staff encourages our clients to continue on with a nutritionally balanced diet after care.

The Role of Exercise in Treatment

Much like exercise, the vast majority of our clients that come to treatment do not exercise regularly. Solution Based Treatment has an expansive gym at our main facility. As well, we take our clients on outings and adventures like hiking trips in the local area.

The Need for Outings and Adventures

Relapse prevention is one of the most important lessons our clients learn in recovery. That’s why we place so much emphasis on weekend outings and adventures. Our clients need to learn how to enjoy sober activities and understand what triggers their desire to use to avoid relapse. We frequently take our clients out to the beach, bowling, hiking, go-cart racing and the movies. 

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