Most of us will never know the pain soldiers carry, but PTSD is complicated. Some veterans don’t want to live in the past. Others suffer out of respect for their fallen comrades. If you are concerned that unresolved trauma might be affecting your life, self-worth, temper, substance abuse, relationships, or conflict resolution skills in ways you can’t control, Solution Based Treatment & Detox can help you heal and move on with your life. 

Why Does Veteran Substance Abuse Occur?

Veterans face challenges during their service and for years after, making them prime candidates for suffering from addiction. While national attention has shed light on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), many of the people who have served our country suffer in silence. Psychoactive substances may offer a bit of help in a moment of high stress or inescapable emotional turmoil.

Lack of Care and Treatment for Trauma

One of the most common causes of alcohol abuse in Vets comes from their use to mask or cope with unresolved trauma. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one example of this. Vets experience PTSD caused by:

  • Death
  • Destruction
  • Ambivalence
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Developing an addiction during the war

The complexity of these experiences makes it very difficult to just push them aside. Many times, this results in flashbacks to what they experienced at random times. Depression and anxiety may set in as well. As this happens, vets without access to mental health treatment and monitoring turn to other solutions to help them. This may include alcohol abuse.

Veteran Substance Abuse Due to Pain

Veterans may also suffer at a higher rate of opioid abuse as a result of chronic pain. Injuries can create long-lasting problems with mobility and function. Some lose limbs. Others suffer brain injuries. Many have pain that does not go away but continues for the rest of their life. These men and women typically need medications to help them manage that pain. Most start with pain medications prescribed by doctors.

Unfortunately, these drugs, often opioids, can create intense addiction. 

Opioid Addiction in the Military

Opioid abuse among veterans can occur not because they are using the drugs improperly but that they need to use them long-term. Some develop tolerance to those drugs. That makes it necessary to use higher amounts of the drugs to get the same results. That leads to health complications and addiction. Opioid abuse can occur using illicit drugs as well. For example, this may happen as someone needs more potent drugs to manage the pain and cannot get it from other sources.

Choosing Help for Your Veteran Substance Abuse

In any situation of alcohol abuse or opioid abuse, there are decisions to be made. For men and women who are ready to change and stop being dependent on these substances, we can help. We offer a wide range of treatment options designed to provide the best opportunity for healing. This may include:

  • Drug and alcohol detox services
  • Sober living opportunities
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Intensive outpatient program

Here’s the bottom line. As a vet, you deserve the very best care available using the most innovative and proven strategies. You have access to that with our team. You have to take the first step in calling us to set up a consultation to get that care and to start on the path towards recovery.

Find the Support You Need at Solution Based Treatment

Veteran substance abuse can be treated effectively in the right environment. Solution Based Treatment & Detox provides help for each of your needs, including alcohol and opioid abuse. Take charge of your health and your future. Call our treatment now at 833.999.1941 to learn how to get started.

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