Our Admissions Team

Our Admissions Team

Quite simply, our Admissions Team is the best in the treatment industry. Part of the reason why is that they understand what people seeking treatment for themselves or a loved one are going through. The also understand how overwhelming making decision to get treatment is. There are so many factors in making the best decision. What’s the quality of the treatment center I’m considering? Is the facility accredited and licensed in good standing? What is the approach to treatment? What are the features and benefits of the treatment program and the facility? Through an empathetic and understanding approach to people struggling with substance abuse or mental health disorders, our Admissions Team will guide you through the process simply and easily.

How They Help

Our Admission Advisors will walk you through each point of the admissions process. On your first call they’ll want to learn about what you or your loved one is struggling with. This will help them understand what treatment options and facilities might be best for you. They’ll answer all your questions about out programs and also help you determine if your insurance will cover your costs of care. Sometimes people are afraid of seeking treatment out of fear of losing their jobs. Our Admission Advisors can help you understand how you are protected under the Family and Medical Leave Act. 

Treatment Program Features & Benefits

The majority of people that call us want to know as much about our facilities and programs as possible. Our Admissions Team knows all about the various treatment options and lengths of stay in our different programs. Solution Based Treatment has multiple locations and some are program specific. They’ll show you on our website where you can see pictures of our treatment centers. They’ll also let you know about the outings and adventures our clients go on while in our care.


One of the most frustrating things about getting treatment is working with insurance companies. Many insurance companies require prior authorization before you’re admitted to care. Insurance may require co-pays as well. Our Admission Team takes care of this entire process for you. They will check your coverage for you and let you know if your insurance will cover up to 100% of the cost of care.

Initial Assessment

After answering all your questions about our programs and facilities, your Admission Advisor will schedule a brief assessment. This assessment is conducted over the phone with a member of our clinical staff. during the call, they’ll ask you about the specific substances of use you are struggling from, how much you consume and how often. They’ll also want to learn more about your medical history. The goal of this call is to begin to create a customized treatment plan specific to you or your loved one.

Treatment Options

Once the initial assessment is complete, your Admission Advisor will call you or your loved one back. They’ll let you know that your insurance company has approved you for treatment. More importantly, they’ll let you know about all your treatment options. This may include a detox program if medically necessary followed by residential treatment. They’ll also let you know more about your continuing care option in our intensive outpatient program and your day treatment options.


Your confidentiality is our highest concern. What you share with our Admissions Team is considered personal health information and it’s protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). This means, your information cannot be disclosed to anyone you do not authorize it to be disclosed to. Above and beyond your protections under HIPAA, we are also licensed and in good standing with the California Department of Health Care Services, accredited by the Joint Commission and we are also LegitScript certified.

Family and Medical Leave Act

Many people are understandably afraid to leave their jobs for an extended period of time to seek treatment. This is where the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) can protect you. FMLA restricts employers from terminating or discriminating against their employees for qualified family or medical reasons. Seeking treatment for substance use or medical health disorders are two of the qualified reasons. Our Treatment Team can help you understand how to file for FMLA protection during the intake process.

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Our Admissions Team