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The Importance of Accreditation

Why is accreditation so important in the behavioral health industry? In general, there’s two reasons. First, the accreditation process itself is an evaluation by a third-party agency to determine if all of the policies, procedures of a treatment center are up to modern-day standards. As well, it’s an opportunity for the third party agency to determine if the providers of care meet industry standards. The second reason why accreditation is so important is that without it, treatment centers cannot be reimburse by insurance. Would you want to accept treatment from a health care provider insurance companies refuse to pay?

Joint Commission Accreditation

In the behavioral health care industry, there are two main organizations that accredit treatment facilities. One is referred to as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. This agency does not provide accreditation to hospitals or other providers of care. The Joint Commission is the second accreditation agency. The accredit both behavioral health care centers, hospitals and many other practice areas. The Joint Commission is considered the highest level of accreditation by industry professionals and insurance companies. Some insurance companies will not reimburse behavior health treatment centers without Joint Commission Accreditation.

What Does the Joint Commission Do?

The Joint Commission does a thorough inspection of the physical treatment center to make sure it meets their safety standards. It also analyzes all of the policies and procedures of the behavioral health organization to insure the greatest care is provided. Some of the many things they address are patient safety, patient privacy policies, patient communications and the accurate documentation of care.

Accredited by The Joint Commission

The Highest Level of Accreditation in the Industry

Solution Based Treatment is Accredited by The Joint Commission. There are other third part accreditation organizations but The Joint Commission is considered the highest standard by insurance companies and other providers of care. Review our status in good standing at the Joint Commission Website.

The Importance of LegitScript Certification

Solution Based Treatment isn’t just accredited by the Joint Commission. They are also certified by LegitScript, another third-party organization. LegitScript was created in 2007 due to the increasing need to protect patients when seeking care online. Due to the rise of Internet marketing, online pharmacy sales and medical fraud practiced on the Internet, LegitScript seeks to insure the health, data and privacy of patients nationwide.

Securing Your Data

To obtain LegitScript certification, behavioral health providers must prove they secure the privacy of the people seeking care and the clients they serve. They focus on data storage and personal health information policies and practices when certifying treatment centers.

Advertisement Ethics 

The vast majority of people begin their journey to treatment online. LegitScript maintains strict policies and standards for those they certify to insure they do not engage in deceptive or fraudulent practices online. They have been so influential in the field, they have influenced Google to accept their terms. Drug and alcohol treatment centers are not allowed to advertise on Google without LegitScript Certification.

Solution Based Treatment is LegitScript Certified

We care about the privacy and security of our visitors and patients

Solution Based Treatment takes website visitor and patient privacy seriously. That’s why we’re LegitScript Certified. LegitScript is a third-party agency that certifies addiction treatment centers meet the highest standards possible. In their own words, “…we strive to be the most trusted advisers to inform businesses, governments, and the public about which commercial entities are legitimate, legal, and trustworthy — and which are not.” Solution Based Treatment neither receives nor provides commissions or fees that are dependent on our website visitors choosing to accept treatment with us or another provider of care. If you’d like to explore more treatment options, please visit

Programs Certified by The Joint Commission

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