Sober living brings you a higher quality of life and opens up new opportunities. Finding the right activities for your interests plays a crucial role in relapse prevention. Whether you enjoy physical activities like hiking and working out or creative hobbies like art and music, there’s something for everyone.

Connect with Nature

Being outdoors with fresh air and sunlight can boost your mood and give you motivation in your sober living journey.  Whether you’re just going for a walk or taking on a summit, nature is healing and can keep you grounded and prevent relapse tendencies. You can connect with nature on your own or with friends – making it the perfect sober activity to integrate into your life. 

Sweat it Out

Working out provides some of the same endorphins as substance use, giving you the gratification and serotonin you seek. Getting in the gym or going for a run can help you curb cravings in a productive manner. Not only is working out good for your sobriety , but it’s good for your physical and mental health. Conditioning your body to resist the urge to relapse while also getting movement in and strengthening your body is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Dive into Your Artistic Passions

The arts can be incredibly healing. Art gives you an outlet to express your feelings whether it be through painting, drawing, or digital art. The arts are subjective and everyone has their own talents. Whether you’re sad, fearful, happy, hopeful, or somewhere in between – art gives you the opportunity to get your thoughts out of your head. Sober living gives you a clear head to do your best work, and art can help you prevent relapse by not letting your thoughts bubble up.

Sing Your Heart Out

Music can heal your mind, body, and soul. Whether you’re composing music or listening to music, it has great healing properties. Like other arts, music allows you to put your feelings out in the world and not keep them internal. Music releases dopamine and regulates stress, giving you a sense of calm and well-being. It can give you the motivation you need on harder days during sober living, and allows you to calm the thoughts of craving and reduce urges that could risk relapse.

Give Back to Your Community

Volunteering with local organizations can give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment during recovery and beyond. It’s a great activity to participate in and encourages you to stay sober and build community. Not sure where to start? Connect with your local food pantry or soup kitchen. Many libraries and community centers also run on volunteers. Better yourself while also bettering your community in sober living.

Find Your Niche

Successful sober living is all about finding your niche – finding what interests you. What works for one person for relapse prevention may not work for another person. It may take time to find a sober activity that ignites excitement in you, but don’t lose hope. There’s something for everyone in sobriety! 

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About Solution Based Treatment

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