“Is dual diagnosis right for me?” It’s a common question for people to ask before seeking substance abuse treatment. From the clinical perspective, it may seem cut-and-dried whether someone has a dual diagnosis or not. Many people seeking treatment, however, may not be formally diagnosed with a mental health disorder or may doubt whether their mental health issues require treatment compared to their substance use disorder. Ultimately, asking, “Is dual diagnosis right for me?” is a great way to begin pursuing recovery.

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How to Know If Dual Diagnosis Is Right for You

Knowing whether dual diagnosis treatment is right for you begins with a complete understanding of what a dual diagnosis is. A dual diagnosis is when someone simultaneously has a substance use disorder and another mental health disorder. When this is the case, it is always preferable to treat both disorders together.

But it may not always be obvious when someone has a dual diagnosis. Substance abuse and mental health influence each other in profound ways. A few of the most significant factors to help determine if you have a dual diagnosis are explored below.

You Use Addictive Substances to Cope with Mental Struggles

One of the hallmarks of dual diagnosis is when a person uses drugs to cope with their mental troubles. An easy example of this is the case of depression and alcohol. Someone who struggles with depression may end up turning to alcohol to alleviate their symptoms. This is the old stereotype of someone “drinking to forget” or “drinking to numb the pain.”

In this case, and in other types of coping with drugs, it does not work. Using drugs as a coping mechanism may produce short-term benefits or symptom reduction. But over the long-term, it will only deepen the mental health disorder and leave someone with a substance abuse disorder.

Inability to Function Without Drugs

This is similar to the first factor above. Nonetheless, there’s a bit more nuance here to unpack. This sign of dual diagnosis is less about coping or trying to bury emotions and more about the ability to accomplish things. It could look like someone thinking they need cocaine to perform adequately at work or school or someone else feeling like they need alcohol to be social.

Depression or Anger Arise Between Drug Use

What happens between instances of drug use is often a sign of whether or not a mental disorder is involved. People who experience depression or anger when not using drugs may struggle with a mental health disorder. Withdrawal symptoms between using drugs likely compound this.

Treatment for Dual Diagnosis in Murrieta, California

You may read the signs of a dual diagnosis and not see yourself in any of them. That could mean your answer to “Is dual diagnosis in Murrieta, California, right for me?” is no. Or it could mean your dual diagnosis is manifesting in slightly different ways. Each person’s experience with addiction and mental health is unique.

Some of the most common mental disorders that overlap with substance abuse are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

The best way to determine whether or not you need dual diagnosis treatment is to contact a trusted addiction treatment provider like Solution Based Treatment & Detox. The first step in any form of treatment is evaluation. The evaluation stage is where expert clinicians can determine what challenges a client faces and what interventions need to be implemented to support recovery.

Learn More About Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Solution Based Treatment & Detox

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