A simple dual diagnosis definition is any time a person is identified as having a substance use disorder and another mental health disorder simultaneously. This dual diagnosis definition also applies to another term: “co-occurring disorders.” In many cases, “dual diagnosis” and “co-occurring disorders” are interchangeable terms as they mean the same thing. Dual diagnosis treatment is so crucial because fully addressing the entirety of someone’s mental health and substance abuse issues is paramount for recovery.

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What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis treatment is any recovery care that simultaneously addresses mental health and substance abuse. While it may not be a layperson term common to much of society, dual diagnosis is prevalent. Consider these facts about dual diagnosis:

  • Nearly 20 million American adults experience at least one mental health disorder yearly.
  • Almost one-quarter of those with a mental health disorder also experience substance abuse.
  • At least half of those with a dual diagnosis fail to receive comprehensive treatment.

More and more addiction treatment providers are offering dual diagnosis programming in response to those grim realities. The most common mental disorders involved in a dual diagnosis are depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. These can overlap with any substance use disorder, though alcoholism is naturally one of the most common because of its widespread use in society.

What Is the Root of a Dual Diagnosis?

The root cause of a dual diagnosis can differ from person to person. However, one common root cause related to dual diagnosis is self-medication. Often, people who cannot access high-quality mental health treatment end up ameliorating their issues by self-medicating with drugs or alcohol. They may feel as if no other reliable symptom relief is available. Unfortunately, self-medication only serves to deepen the mental disorder while compounding a person’s troubles because they will also have to contend with a substance abuse problem.

Treating a dual diagnosis is naturally more complex than treating a single disorder in isolation. Nonetheless, the combined treatment approach offers the best pathway to recovery. A big focus in dual diagnosis treatment is unearthing and addressing the root cause. For people who started with self-medication, it becomes necessary to identify coping mechanisms and ways of managing their mental health disorder without resorting to drug use.

What Are the Common Dual Diagnosis Treatment Options?

Dual diagnosis treatment relies on medication and therapy within a comprehensive structure that accounts for the full range of a person’s mental, physical, and spiritual needs. The medication used depends on what type of mental health disorder a person struggles with along with their addiction. Someone with depression may receive an antidepressant to help manage symptoms.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most popular therapies in dual diagnosis treatment. It is action-oriented and geared toward helping people change the behaviors and thought patterns that control their disorders. Other services surrounding these core treatment methods include:

  • Support groups
  • Life skills development
  • Family services
  • Exercise classes
  • Nutrition support

Most of the time, dual diagnosis treatment is conducted as inpatient programming. Compared to outpatient programming, inpatient care offers a greater level of hands-on care and is best for delivering the level of customized care necessary to combat a dual diagnosis.

Find Treatment for Dual Diagnosis in Murrieta, California, at Solution Based Treatment & Detox

Solution Based Treatment & Detox provides dual diagnosis treatment in Murrieta, California. Our expert clinicians work closely with each client to ensure treatment meets their unique needs and moves them toward long-term sobriety and transformative recovery.

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