Treating depression can take time and patience, and not everyone feels they can take the time to look after their mental health. However, turning to substances for relief from symptoms is a common mistake that many make. A diagnosis of depression can snowball into suicidal thoughts and more when an addiction has taken hold. A dual diagnosis treatment program offers simultaneous treatment for both depression and addiction, accelerating and solidifying recovery.

You don’t have to feel alone if you or someone you love is experiencing symptoms of depression or drug abuse. At Solution Based Treatment & Detox, we provide Southern Californians with a safe and nurturing space where clients can discuss these sensitive topics. Find out how we can help those dealing with mental health symptoms and addiction, by reaching us online or at 833.999.1941.

Drug Use and Depression

For those who have symptoms or a diagnosis of depression, it can feel like it takes all the energy in the world just to get out of bed and get dressed. With the way that depression can zap one’s energy, it can feel tempting to take the “easy” way out, self-medicating with drugs.

However, drug use often provides short-term relief while not getting to the root of the problem. This feeds into the cycle of addiction and cycles of depression, causing a spiral that follows a pattern:

  1. Experiencing emotional pain
  2. Craving relief from the pain
  3. Using substances to numb feelings
  4. Short-term relief
  5. Negative consequences of drug use
  6. Experiencing more emotional pain and low self-esteem
  7. Depression, shame, and guilt

These steps will repeat over and over until you reach out for help. Getting dual diagnosis treatment can address both mental health symptoms and addiction, letting you heal both issues simultaneously.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program at SBT

Breaking out of the cycles of depression and addiction can take a lot of teamwork and persistence. Getting the right team on your side and finding the right tools can make a big difference. At

Solution Based Treatment & Detox, our dual diagnosis treatment presents clients with multiple options, including:

  • Drug-specific treatment for recovery from benzos, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, meth, and opioids
  • Medically-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Evidence-based therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Faith-based, art, and music therapy options

For those at high risk of overdose or suicidal behaviors, we offer intervention services that can be life-saving. SBT&D’s large medical staff is prepared to give every client the best state-of-the-art treatments for all levels of care. From crisis stabilization to sober living, each client is given the opportunity to recover at their own pace and on their own terms.

We want everyone to feel welcome and included at SBT&D, regardless of gender, background, faith, or personal hobbies. With our women’s and men’s rehab programs, Rock to Recovery program, and

Building on the Rock program, clients find comfort in being part of a group that shares their perspectives.

Step Out of Fear and Into Recovery at SBT

Depression and addiction cycles are often fed by fears, shame, and guilt. While it can feel like the last thing you want to do, actually talking about these feelings and working through them, as well as getting honest with yourself and others, is the first step to relief.

When you unburden yourself of difficult feelings you’ve been ruminating upon, you can see more clearly the steps in front of you. Reach out to Solution Based Treatment & Detox today to speak with non-judgmental specialists who care. As you take each step towards a sober future, you can feel confident in the continued support our aftercare and sober living programs offer. Contact us online here, or call 833.999.1941 today.

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