Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a subject that not many would want to talk about in “normal” circumstances. The stigma surrounding the topic is, unfortunately, what discourages many from seeking the help that they need. The good news is, addiction treatment centers near San Diego, CA, can give you and your loved ones important insights that bust old myths once and for all.

At Solution Based Treatment & Detox, our team is ready to help you and your family learn more about addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our recovery programs offer a full spectrum of care. Contact us online or at 833.999.1941 to find out more.

Common Misconceptions About Addiction

The following misconceptions about addiction can be damaging to both those who deal with addiction and their loved ones:

  • Addiction is a moral issue–Morals and ethics tell us that we should choose good and healthy behaviors, and therefore addiction is to be avoided. While initial drug or alcohol use is intentional, nobody anticipates precisely how their brain will respond. Addiction tricks the brain into thinking it always needs more alcohol or drugs, which means the individual no longer feels they have a choice in their habit.
  • Addiction can be overcome with strong willpower alone–In fact, most people who deal with addiction are strong-willed. However, the cycles of addiction keep people drained of energy. Lack of physical and emotional capacity to keep fighting addiction can cause long-term suffering if no outside help is offered.
  • Addiction only affects poor or lower-class people–People from all walks of life deal with addiction. It isn’t something that you can see when looking at someone. Celebrities, working professionals, moms, dads, young adults, and people of all genders and ethnicities fall prey to addiction.
  • “Once an addict, always an addict”–This is a nihilistic belief that has no basis in reality. While many people struggle to find long-lasting sobriety, many do successfully stay sober for life after battling addiction. Recovery is not a linear process, and relapse does not mean that someone has failed at recovery. Relapse prevention therapy can help.

With more options available than ever before, those struggling with alcohol or drug abuse can feel confident reaching out to an addiction treatment program. Find out more about the programs near you today.

Addiction Treatment at SBT

Our addiction treatment programs at Solution Based Treatment & Detox offer Southern California residents a safe, comfortable route to recovery. While it can feel overwhelming to contemplate detox and rehab, our multi-disciplinary team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Depending on the level of care needed, clients can enter the following addiction treatment programs at Solution Based:

  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Residential treatment
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • Men’s and women’s rehab programs
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Holistic treatments, including music, art, and faith-based therapies

After completing a recovery program, clients can remain well-connected and supported through our sober living programs. We want our clients to feel they can always turn to our staff and community for support throughout all stages of recovery. Find out more about our addiction treatment programs today.

Recovery in a Stigma-Free Environment

Negative assumptions about addiction don’t have to plague you as you enter rehab. When you come to Solution Based Treatment & Detox, you will be met with non-judgmental clinicians who will build you up, not tear you down. Find out more about our specialized treatment programs that make our center unique and inclusive. Contact us online here, or call 833.999.1941 today.

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