Although stereotypes about addiction may suggest that men are more likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol, people of any gender can and do fall prey to this disease. Gender roles and expectations can feel heavy, which drives some people to use drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. Along with societal expectations, physical characteristics and hormones can also affect one’s moods and ability to cope with stress.

At Solution Based Treatment and Detox in Murrieta, California, we invite clients of all genders and backgrounds to share in paving the way to recovery. Our compassionate team is ready to give you a safe and warm rehab experience. Take a moment today to reach out to us online for more information about our men’s and women’s rehab program, or call 833.999.1941.

How Gender Plays a Role in Addiction

Traditional gender roles and expectations have persisted in giving men and women different pressures to behave in specific ways. This can be especially challenging if your personality or interests don’t exactly match what others might expect for your gender.

Addressing the symptoms of addiction can require different approaches for men and women. Since women tend to develop an addiction to self-medicate pre-existing mood disorders, men can develop mental health symptoms as a result of addiction.

Harmful stereotypes restrict people from being their authentic selves. Men and women both deal with these, including ideas that:

  • Women must be nurturing and maternal, always looking after others
  • Women are more emotional and, therefore, weaker
  • Use of drugs or alcohol makes you a “bad girl” or “bad boy”
  • Men must be providers, working hard to keep their families fed and safe
  • Men are stronger and therefore able to get through hard times with less support

While there are many men and women who do adhere to traditional gender roles, nobody is born automatically fitting into one or the other. Getting in touch with yourself as a whole person, regardless of your gender, can help. And with knowledgeable and nonjudgmental addiction specialists who can guide you, addiction doesn’t have to affect your sense of who you are.

Men’s and Women’s Rehab at Solution Based Treatment and Detox

Our team at Solution Based Treatment is here to help you reconnect with your authentic self and connect with others who are going through similar experiences. We understand that gender-based trauma and stress can affect your ability to grow out of addictive cycles.

Getting treatment in a gender-specific rehab can offer people the following benefits:

  • A safe space where you can talk about gender-related issues together with others in your same gender group
  • Specialized care that acknowledges gender as an aspect that can help in your recovery
  • Less tension and distractions in rehab, as sexual attraction is less often an issue in single-gender settings
  • More effective and swift recovery, as you can more easily relate with others around you

At Solution Based, we want everyone to feel welcome to give themselves the space and time they need for recovery. In our men’s rehab and women’s rehab programs, clients can go through medically-assisted detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and more. Finding solidarity with others who understand your personal needs as a man or woman can make all the difference in achieving sobriety that lasts.

Open Up to Healing from Addiction at Solution Based Treatment and Detox

Both men and women may have different reasons why it’s hard to open up about a drug or alcohol addiction. Whatever may be causing feelings of shame or guilt, Solution Based Treatment’s team is here to give you the opportunity to shed these feelings and grow. Personal growth takes having the right people at your side. Getting in touch with trustworthy and insightful addiction specialists can get you back in touch with yourself and the inner strength it takes to get through rehab.

It’s often the case that loneliness drives many symptoms of addiction. The good news is that at Solution Based Treatment and Detox, you can plug directly into a friendly and supportive sober community. Give yourself another chance today, and reach out to us online, or call 833.999.1941.

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