The time a person spends recovering from an addiction will be one of the most vulnerable in their life. Then, religion and addiction recovery can be connected to providing additional support that may prove critical to finding success and achieving sobriety. A faith-based recovery program could be an option if you need additional help from a higher power to battle your demons and overcome your addiction. Reach out to our team at Solution Based Treatment and Detox online or call us at 833.999.1941 today to learn more about how we can help you best utilize faith in recovery.

The Connection Between Religion and Addiction Recovery

Addiction can put your religious faith in jeopardy. It can make you question your relationship with your higher power, and these doubts can cause a spiritual chasm. The faith-based recovery program at Solution Based Treatment and Detox can help because there is undeniably a connection between religion and addiction recovery. Many of our clients rely on their faith in recovery to overcome the intense pull of drugs and alcohol.

In order to heal yourself and make amends with those you have hurt while in the throes of addiction, you will need to work through your spiritual doubts and reconnect with your higher power. Additionally, faith in recovery can be how you are able to find your sense of self again during and after addiction treatment.

A renewed sense of purpose in life can be critical to a successful recovery and a lifetime of sobriety. In this way, religion and addiction recovery are intrinsically linked. Without faith in recovery, your sobriety has the potential to feel meaningless. If you cannot hone in on a purpose, on a reason your higher power is calling you to a clean, sober life, you are more likely to relapse.

How Religion Can Impact Addiction Recovery

A recent study shows that religious faith in recovery and high levels of spirituality are associated with positive outcomes among those recovering from addiction, including being more optimistic and developing resilience to stress. This outlook and fortitude can contribute to long-term recovery.

Addiction has a detrimental impact on all of the positive and loving relationships in your life. When you spiral out of control at the hands of drugs or alcohol, your most important connections can be frayed or severed completely. This means that the once healthy relationships you enjoyed with your parents, spouse, children, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and even your God, could be damaged. Many individuals who have or currently are struggling with addiction will question the role religion plays in their lives. They may even turn away from their higher power out of anger and shame.

Reconnecting with your faith in recovery, and finding spirituality again, could be the missing piece in the puzzle of putting your life back together. Religion and addiction recovery will give you a new sense of purpose in life and provide you with a sturdy foundation that can help prevent you from relapsing.

A faith-based recovery program is not suitable for everyone. Still, for those who are willing to rely on their faith in recovery, there can be significant benefits of religion and addiction recovery, including:

  • Your faith opening doors to supportive communities
  • Receiving unconditional love and acceptance
  • Developing a moral foundation for new, healthier behaviors
  • A higher power can be a source of comfort and peace
  • Prayer may provide guidance to change your life
  • Religious texts can offer encouragement

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