Battling alcohol addiction can feel like a roller coaster, especially when life gets stressful. Excess stress is important to take care of, so that relapse can be prevented. Those dealing with addiction in isolation are more vulnerable to stress, which is why it’s crucial to seek professional support in recovery and staying sober.

Fortunately, addiction specialists today have better understanding of addiction than ever before. At Solution Based Recovery in Murrieta, California, we invite anyone who has been touched by alcohol addiction to find a safe haven. Our caring team of experts is ready to answer your questions today. Just reach out to us online, or call 833.999.1941 for our alcohol rehab program.

How Stress Impacts Alcohol Abuse

Addiction cycles normally start out with stress. Drinking becomes an easy way to numb feelings of stress, especially in work and social circles where drinking is the norm. Without addressing underlying factors, treating addiction can simply feel like you are trapped in a revolving door.

Understanding the effects of stress on alcohol abuse can be a good first step in finding solutions that don’t involve drinking. Remember that alcohol and stress can have combined effects:

  • Alcohol raises cortisol levels in the body, changing its abilities to respond to stress
  • Changed behaviors due to alcohol abuse can affect one’s relationships, employment, and family
  • Isolation due to drinking makes feelings of loneliness and helplessness worse
  • Stress can make for a higher tolerance for alcohol, fueling the need to drink just to feel “normal”
  • Headaches, sleep problems, dehydration, and nausea can be made worse by stress

While it can be very difficult to admit to having an addiction to alcohol, it’s important to speak up about it as quickly as possible, to those who can help. Finding a drug rehab center that can provide the level of care you need can literally save your life. Reach out to our non-judgmental medical and psychological professionals at Solution Based Treatment, and give yourself the break you need.

Managing Stress and Alcohol Addiction

Knowing how stress can be managed in a healthy way, is critical to alcohol addiction recovery. Developing new skills and tools to deal with stress can get you through stressful days without having to rely on alcohol.

There are many alcohol-free activities and habits that can provide stress relief, including:

  • Self-expression through art, music, or other creative projects
  • Getting enough sleep, and having a routine that allows for quality sleep
  • Ask sober friends and family for support and encouragement
  • Spend time connecting with nature and animals
  • Getting exercise, through dance, sports, or just taking a walk
  • Stay connected with addiction specialists who can help

While stress may make these strategies more difficult at times, keep in mind that you aren’t alone. Even if one strategy doesn’t work for you, there are always more options to consider.

At Solution Based Treatment, clients dealing with alcohol addiction can benefit from a wide range of services. We offer medically-supervised detox services, partial hospitalization programs, residential programs, partial hospitalization programs, and intensive outpatient programs. Our customized programs serve the particular needs of each client. Consequently, no one feels rushed or forgotten, regardless of the stage of recovery.

Take Control of Stress at Solution Based Recovery

Recovery from addiction shouldn’t stop anyone from being able to feel confident, relaxed, and supported. SBT’s programs give our clients practical skills for long-lasting sobriety. We also offer men’s and women’s rehab programs, dual diagnosis treatment, intervention services, faith-based recovery, and Rock to Recovery programs, giving clients a chance to connect with like-minded peers.

In a safe environment with dedicated professionals who care, stress management and addiction can become worries of the past. In our comfortable and convenient facilities, clients can join our sober community and thrive. There’s no need to make addiction recovery stressful or frightening, when you contact SBT’s compassionate team today. Reach out online, or call 833.999.1941 for more information.

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