Recovering from addiction is a challenging process for anyone, regardless of how in control someone might feel. Trying to quit all on your own will leave you more at risk of relapse, and further cycles of addiction. That’s why getting professional help to recover in a safe and carefully managed way is important.

Inpatient rehab programs provide people with access to structured and personalized treatment. For those who may not have safe and drug-free living spaces, inpatient rehab can be just the lifeline needed to get them back to feeling like themselves. At Solution Based Treatment in California, our inpatient rehab programs offer just this kind of support. Learn more today about our residential treatment program, by sending us a message online, or calling 833.999.1941.

Benefits of Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab programs offer those seeking recovery a full-time place where they can focus on their rehab. Outpatient rehab, on the other hand, is for those who may need less structure and accountability from professional services. Inpatient services give those in rehab access to care 24 hours a day. While this level of care isn’t necessary for everyone, the benefits of inpatient rehab include:

  • A safe place to go through difficult withdrawal symptoms and detox
  • Higher rate of success in terms of long-lasting recovery
  • Connection to others who are fighting addiction, solidarity, and accountability
  • Access to resources that ease the transition back to “normal” life, such as aftercare
  • Guidance in finding suitable employment
  • Strong support system for sober living

Although inpatient rehab generally is more expensive than outpatient rehab, the long-term investment made in yourself when you complete an inpatient program can outweigh the cost. If you’re seeking permanent recovery, inpatient care may be the way to go, regardless of short-term cost.

At Solution Based Treatment & Detox, we aim to give all clients their best shot at permanent recovery and sobriety. Find out more about our wide variety of services for addiction and mental health recovery today.

Residential Treatment at SBT&D

Solution Based Treatment & Detox is proud to provide residential addiction rehab services in Murrieta, CA. Our welcoming and cozy environment gives every client a chance to unplug from unhealthy habits.

In our residential treatment program, we take our cues from each client and their individual needs, offering the following:

  • A friendly and welcoming community
  • Safe and medically-supervised detox
  • Nutritious and tasty meals
  • Experienced and knowledgeable medical staff
  • Opportunities for family to get involved
  • Sober living programs

SBT&D’s team are ready to give all clients a thorough and accurate evaluation, and tailor treatment plans to each individual’s needs. We encourage families to remain connected to their loved ones and take part in their recovery process. With a step-by-step and day-by-day approach, we can work with you and your loved ones to rebuild trust and healthy habits.

We also offer a variety of therapy programs and treatments that can meet individual needs. Our programs include men’s and women’s programs, faith-based recovery, dual diagnosis treatment, intervention services, and Rock to Recovery. When you join SBT&D in a commitment to fight addiction, you give yourself the strong support system you deserve.

A Home Away From Home

While it’s no secret that alcohol and drug addiction is a growing problem in the United States, many people don’t reach out for help because they feel alone and isolated. There’s no need to feel alone or lonely at Solution Based Treatment. You can find a “home away from home” with our sober community and caring staff.

At SBT, we want to give all clients what they need to heal from the inside out. From day one of detox until your 100th day of sobriety and beyond, our team and community are here for you. Our strong sober community is proud to invite you to join in a life that’s free from addiction. Reach out to SBT today online, or call us at 833.999.1941.

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