As summer approaches, many Americans look forward to Memorial Day weekend as a chance to kick back and unwind by gathering with friends and family at backyard parties, barbecues, and more. Unfortunately, these three-day holiday weekends do not encourage sober living and can be difficult for people who suffer from addiction. The temptations can be great. If you are struggling with addiction, you might just join in and overindulge since everyone else is, or you might see everyone else “having fun” only to develop an unhealthy craving to drink or use drugs. You can still celebrate Memorial Day and stay sober. The team at Solution Based Treatment can help you prepare for situations that can test your sobriety and find sober activities to have fun without drinking and using. 

Sober Activities to Consider

Even though many holiday traditions, in general, involve alcohol, it is possible to spend holidays like Memorial Day sober. A solid plan can help you manage and overcome triggers and enable you to be part of all the fun.

Host a Sober BBQ

This is a day that most people have cookouts. If you are worried about being around people that will be intoxicated all day, then host your own sober barbeque. Invite other sober friends and let them know that it won’t be an environment where they will feel tempted to drink and use. Hosting and attending a party that actually focuses on genuine fun and delicious food rather than how wasted you can get will be refreshing – and less stressful – for everyone. 

Be One With Nature

Memorial Day is typically celebrated outdoors, so why not take a hike to appreciate nature? There’s nothing better than hitting a local trail and breathing in fresh air while you are taking in the views and getting exercise too. Instead of waking up hungover the next day, you’ll feel refreshed and more connected to the earth. Plus, being outdoors is a great place to naturally hang out with friends. Bring a blanket, pack some snacks and drinks, and have a cookout. You can get hours of simple and sober fun in a beautiful setting.

Attend an a Murrieta NA Meeting

One of the best ways to maintain recovery is to become a member of a 12-step program. By connecting with others who share similar challenges, you’ll always have a group to count on. When you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation or are tempted to drink or use, going to a meeting can help you navigate this in a safe and smart way. Addiction is powerful and can make using again all too easy. Meetings can remind you of why you are sober in the first place, so you stay on track and keep coming back. While our treatment programs at Solution Based Treatment and Detox are more involved than Narcotics Anonymous meetings, the following programs do follow 12-step principles:

Contact SBT If You Have Questions

Even if you are able to avoid situations where drinking and drugs will be present, you will likely get cravings. Instead of ignoring your temptation to use drugs or alcohol, it can be helpful to talk through these feelings with a therapist, sober friend, or at a 12-step meeting. Your sober network can help you remind you what you worked so hard to overcome in your addiction and the effects drugs and alcohol have had on your life. 

At SBT, we offer various treatment options to help you stay sober for Memorial Day and every day. Addiction recovery involves a process that lasts a lifetime, and the daily challenges and stresses of your everyday life can sometimes make lasting recovery difficult to maintain. Contact our talented treatment team at 833.999.1941 today to learn more, we are here to help.

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