The period after you leave rehab can be an exciting and scary time. You’re setting out on a journey that can lead to a better life. Addiction is an illness, one for which there is no cure. That doesn’t mean you have to live in fear or give in to your triggers. It’s not going to be easy, but the important thing is to stay positive and not give up when you experience a setback. Practicing relapse prevention techniques can keep you focused on what’s important and help you avoid falling back into the cycle of addiction. Solution Based Treatment can help you stay focused on your recovery and prevent relapse.

Understand Your Triggers

The single most important thing you can do for yourself while in recovery is to recognize your specific relapse triggers. It’s a relapse prevention technique that helps you understand your weaknesses. You can better position yourself to keep yourself away from people and environments that might tempt you to drink or abuse drugs. Writing them down can better help you plan your handling of each situation and avoid a relapse. 

Recognize Signs of Relapse

One of the dangers that people encounter as they continue is recovery is losing some of their vigilance. While you don’t have to live in constant fear, you should watch for signs that you are letting your guard down. You might start thinking that you would be ok if you had a glass of wine at a friend’s party. The idea might creep in that taking a hit of marijuana isn’t the same as doing hard drugs. 

Realizing that you are falling back into an addictive behavioral pattern is an essential relapse prevention technique. Once you understand what’s happening, you can pull yourself back. It may be a good idea to reach out to your sponsor or friend you trust to help pull you back from the brink. 

Form a Support Network 

Another good relapse prevention technique is to surround yourself with people supportive of your new life. That can mean cutting off contact with people from your past who helped drive your toxic behaviors. Removing those relationships can leave more room in your life for people who care about you and look out for your best interests. 

Think about reaching out to a local support group if you have a hard time finding people you trust. Your rehab center may also have an alumni program that puts you in contact with others who have gone through the same experiences. Healthy relationships can be an important component in remaining clean and sober. 

Think About the Consequences

People in recovery may sometimes find themselves idealizing their days of substance abuse. One relapse prevention technique you can try is remembering the situation as it happened. Remember the negative aspects of getting high, including the damage it may have caused your life. Think about everything you want to accomplish and how giving in to your addiction could put that all at risk. Use the thought of the consequences to focus yourself and reduce the chances of a relapse. 

Take Care of Yourself

Try to find things to do that keep you relaxed and takes your mind away from the thought of drinking or using drugs. Many people find meditation to be an effective relapse prevention technique for remaining self-aware and handling relapse triggers. Exercise is a good way of getting rid of stress while making yourself healthier. Pick hobbies and activities that suit your personality and keep you going in a positive direction. 

Get Help For Your Addiction

 The path to getting well starts with acknowledging that you have a problem. Solution Based Treatment & Detox can provide you with tools and strategies you can rely on as you push toward a life free of substance abuse. We offer a variety of programs to help people struggling with addiction, including:

  • Drug & Alcohol Detox
  • Residential Treatment
  • Relapse Prevention Program
  • Sober Living Program

Learn more about our services by calling Solution Based Treatment & Detox at 833.999.1941.

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