For those with substance use disorders, breaking the cycle of addiction requires assistance from licensed professionals and a deep personal commitment. You can learn strategies to kick self-destructive habits that will help you maintain sobriety during your recovery. At Solution Based Treatment & Detox, we offer several addiction treatments and detox programs for clients in Murrieta, CA. 

What Is the Cycle of Addiction?

Forming a habit requires repetition that results in mastery of a skill or behavior. When you want to break a bad habit, such as substance misuse, you can replace it with a positive one. 

The cycle of addiction includes internal and external factors that create anxiety and tempt you to give in to cravings for drugs or alcohol. If you fantasize or obsess about drug and alcohol use, you may have a hard time leaving these substances behind. Additionally, after you overcome your cravings, you have to fight the same battle over and over.

When it comes to the cycle of substance abuse, the factors that influence your success or failure in recovery include the following:

  • Cravings
  • Instant gratification
  • Drug-seeking or using 
  • Symptoms of withdrawal

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

Following the steps below can help you break the cycle of addiction:

  1. Identify the behavior that leads to relapse or the triggers that contribute to your cravings. 
  2. Find healthy ways to work through your negative thoughts and feelings. Coping mechanisms learned in addiction treatment can help you avoid triggers and frustration. 
  3. Attend group and individual therapy sessions designed to work through unresolved issues. This includes working through co-occurring mental health disorders to avoid falling back into a pattern of drug use. 
  4. Practice healthy eating and sleeping habits — the healthier you feel, the better you can fight through the symptoms of withdrawal. 
  5. Create a routine that helps you cope with difficult moments. 
  6. Develop a strong support system to establish accountability. 

Healthy Habits to Maintain Sobriety

It takes about three weeks to develop healthy habits. Healthy habits include activities that strengthen your mental and physical well-being. For instance, taking a yoga class, writing in your journal every day, and making friends in sober living can help you transition into clean living.

You can start simply by setting yourself up for success through addiction treatment and recovery support. There are several things that can help you break the cycle of addiction, including the following: 

  • Enroll in an effective detox and addiction treatment program 
  • Develop awareness of people, places, and things that trigger substance misuse 
  • Find a therapist who can help you connect with your higher power throughout the recovery process
  • Attend meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous to reinforce accountability and become part of a recovery community 

Addiction Treatment Programs at Solutions Based Treatment

At Solutions Based Treatment, we use both scientific and holistic approaches to help you stay sober. As part of our substance use disorder treatment programs, you can heal and strengthen your body in a structured, nurturing space. We know that many clients struggle with choosing the right addiction treatment center for their needs. So, our highly qualified staff welcomes your questions about our medical detox and sober living programs. 

Our treatment options including the following programs:

  • Medication-assisted detox treatment
  • Residential drug addiction treatment
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Partial hospitalization program

We have an extensive team of therapists and medical professionals to support clients along each step to recovery.  

Addiction Treatment in Murrieta, CA

At Solution Based Treatment in Murrieta, CA, we offer addiction treatment so that you can safely break the cycle of addiction. Contact our team at 833.999.1941 to escape the endless cycle of substance abuse and rediscover the benefits of clean living.

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