California is a picturesque location to participate in a partial hospitalization program for many reasons. The sunny climate is known to boost your mood and reduce chances of seasonal affective disorder (seasonal depression), but it’s also home to a variety of different activities that can remind you of joy found outside of drug and alcohol use. Solution Based Treatment partial hospitalization programs are strategically located in Murrieta, California – situated an hour or so from the beach, mountains, desert, and many local thrills like Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Knott’s Berry Farm.

Soak Up Natural Wellness

Vitamin D is easy to access in California, especially in Murrieta, California. Research has shown that vitamin D encourages calcium absorption, which promotes positive bone and cell growth. Vitamin D also promotes a strong immune system and promotes a healthy metabolism – which are important for recovery during partial hospitalization programs.

Soaking up vitamin D also produces serotonin naturally, acting as a natural antidepressant. California sunshine makes you more joyful on a base level than cloudier, colder environments – allowing you to focus and thrive in addiction treatment programs.

Adventure is Out There

Partial hospitalization programs leave you time to adventure out and about during your free time. At Solution Based Treatment, we take our program participants out and about on outings that encourage finding fun in sobriety

Our location puts us close to California hotspots like San Diego beaches, Los Angeles food spots, Joshua Tree National Park, and the lovely San Bernardino mountains. Whether you find joy in trying new foods, browning museums, or getting outside and hiking – California partial hospitalization programs allow you to see it all.

Find a Partial Hospitalization Program Near You

Whether you’re located in California or looking to travel from one of the other 49 states, Solution Based Treatment works with you or your loved one’s needs to get you into treatment as soon as possible. Partial hospitalization programs typically come after detox and residential rehab treatment, but can also be good for those who have previously completed those programs and are at risk for relapse. During these treatment programs, clients will attend treatment during the day, usually Monday through Friday. Otherwise, they are encouraged to participate in both group outings and individual adventures. The goal of partial hospitalization programs is to readjust participants back into their routine while still getting the support they need. To find a partial hospitalization program in California, connect with our admissions team.

About Solution Based Treatment

Solution Based Treatment is a national leader in detox and rehab programs. We offer inpatient medical detox, substance rehab, intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, faith-based recovery, and sober living options. We maintain a 2:1 client to staff ratio to offer the best support possible to our patients within upscale living environments. At Solution Based Treatment, we support better living for brighter futures, all starting with our detox and rehab services. For more information visit our website at or give us a call at (833) 999-1941.

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