During addiction treatment, you will participate in many different types of therapy – including group therapy. Group therapy is led by a professional therapist or clinician and brings you together with your peers who may be having similar experiences to yourself and others. Every type of therapy has its own benefits and group therapy can help you learn a lot about yourself, hear new perspectives, and build a sober community. 

Group Therapy & Substance Abuse Disorders

Taking part in group therapy will help you build a close knit community. Having a support system throughout addiction recovery and into sober living will help you stay accountable and can also teach you coping mechanisms that you may not have considered before. This type of therapy presents you with the chance to work with mentors and peers with a “buddy system” mentality to help encourage and keep one another accountable. 

Many group therapy participants stay in touch with their peers that participated in the same programs well beyond sobriety – making connections that last a lifetime. Addiction recovery is a very major phase in life, and group therapy encourages you to bond with others in your shoes. These connections are a crucial aspect to relapse prevention.

Learn New Coping Mechanisms

Group therapy allows you to connect with others who are also experiencing substance use disorder and are in treatment. This gives you new perspectives and can teach you new coping mechanisms that have worked for others. It’s important to note that what works for one person may not work for another, but group therapy is a good way to get inspiration on strategies to try out. Having many different coping mechanisms to choose from when in times of need helps strengthen your relapse prevention plan.

Participating in group discussions with people in similar situations also gives you a comfortable environment to speak your mind and talk through difficult scenarios. Oftentimes, talking through things out loud helps you work through challenges or thoughts that may be challenging when kept internal. 

Get to Know Yourself on a Deeper Level

As with coping mechanisms, talking with others in your shoes can also teach you things about yourself you didn’t recognize before. Discussing what triggers you and how you cope with your peers can open your eyes to new ways of viewing your behaviors. Hearing from others also allows you the opportunity to mentor and collaborate with others and face your difficulties head on with the help of a friend. Group therapy strengthens your relationship with yourself and others.

Begin a Sober Future 

Group therapy is integrated into many different types of addiction treatment, including intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization programs, and inpatient treatments. At Solution Based Treatment we employ group therapy in our addiction treatment, mental health programs, and dual-diagnosis plans. If you or someone you know could use extra guidance and support with their addiction recovery, give our team a call. We’re available 24 hours 7 days a week to ensure you get in touch with someone that can kickstart your path to sobriety.

About Solution Based Treatment

Solution Based Treatment is a national leader in detox and rehab programs. We offer inpatient medical detox, substance rehab, intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, faith-based recovery, and sober living options. We maintain a 2:1 client to staff ratio to offer the best support possible to our patients within upscale living environments. At Solution Based Treatment, we support better living for brighter futures, all starting with our detox and rehab services. For more information visit our website at solutionbasedtreatment.com or give us a call at (833) 999-1941.

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