There’s much to think about before choosing a drug rehab center. You probably have many questions about the drug rehab centers on your list of considerations. As you search for the right drug rehab in California, you’ll need to ask about everything. Make sure you have topics like licensing and accreditation and staff-to-patient ratio included in your drug rehab center questions. Or, you can call 833.999.1941 to speak with someone from the caring and compassionate team at Solution Based Treatment & Detox (SBT) about our Murrieta, California, residential treatment programs.

Rehab Accreditation

As you first begin to think about choosing a rehab center, consider asking the following questions:

  • Does this rehab center have national accreditation?
  • When does the accreditation expire?

Accreditation is different from state licensing. The accrediting organization examines a center’s staff, safety, programs, client care, operations, and policies during this process. The accreditation process also ensures that a treatment center’s staff complies with HIPAA and other privacy laws. The Commission on Accreditation of contestation Facilities (CARF) and the Joint Commission (JCAHO) are the most common accrediting organizations for addiction treatment facilities.

Available Treatment Services

Some critical questions you can ask about rehab center services include the following:

  • What levels of care do you provide?
  • Do you have onsite detox facilities or partner with a local provider?
  • Do you provide individual and group therapy?
  • Do you offer long-term follow-up and aftercare services?
  • Does your facility offer services such as case management?
  • Does each client have access to all the services you offer?

To know if a treatment center offers what you need, you’ll need to understand the type of work they do.

Addiction Treatment and Medication

As you might expect, different centers have different treatment philosophies. To learn more, you can ask some of the following questions:

  • What specific treatment programs do you offer?
  • What is your treatment philosophy or approach?
  • What type of treatment modalities do you provide?
  • How long are your treatment programs on average?
  • Who develops your treatment programs? Are they customizable?
  • Does your treatment rely on the use of other drugs that may be addictive?
  • What types of therapy does your facility offer?
  • Do you treat dual diagnosis? If so, do you treat mental health and substance use issues in-house or use a third-party organization to treat mental health diagnoses?

Once you fully understand the specific services a particular rehab center provides, you need to take a deep dive into how they handle treatment, including medication.

Staff Members

Another critical component of a rehab center’s success is its staff. To get a good grasp of a treatment facility’s staff qualifications, we recommend you ask the following questions:

  • What is the patient-to-staff ratio?
  • Does the staff specialize in any particular areas or disciplines?
  • Which team members will actively assist clients?
  • Do you have a patient care coordinator or caseworker?
  • Are board-certified clinical staff members available at all times?
  • How many years of experience do members of your staff have on average?

Feeling confident in the program staff’s experience, licensing, certification, and specialties would be best.

Rehab Cost and Health Insurance Coverage

Some questions you might consider asking include:

  • How much does the overall program cost? When are payments expected?
  • If you take insurance, which insurance companies do you accept? If not, do you offer any payment plans or sliding scale fees?

Don’t be afraid to ask these kinds of questions directly. Make sure you ask about program costs, payment options, and insurance.

Aftercare and Extracurricular Activities

You’ll want to ask about aftercare activities before you make a final decision on a rehab center. A few questions you might consider asking include:

  • What kind of aftercare support do you offer?
  • Does your program teach ongoing life skills to support a sober life?
  • What kind of transitional living services, if any, do you provide?
  • What programs are in place to help your members build connections and maintain a sober network after rehab?

The best rehab centers understand that treatment is only the beginning of recovery.

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