When treating addiction, rehab specialists must consider all factors of a client’s experience. Part of this is determining whether or not they would benefit from a gender-specific rehab program. Some women may feel uncomfortable entering rehab with men, as people who experience substance use disorders and mental health conditions are often victims of domestic violence or neglect. Awareness of the specific needs of each gender can help make treatment programs more effective by allowing staff members to deliver care that is more in line with each client’s treatment goals.

If you’re looking for a women’s rehab program in Murrieta, California, Solution Based Treatment & Detox has what you need. We employ female counselors and staff members to work with clients as part of their rehab. We understand that it is easier for female clients to heal from stress and trauma when other women support them. Learn more about the women’s rehab program at SBT today by calling 833.999.1941.

Women and Substance Use Disorders

There is a stigma associated with substance use disorders, and the stigma of drug addiction can cause many women to struggle silently. Women can feel that people will judge them for their substance use, and they will avoid reaching out for help when they need it the most. This self-imposed isolation can make it difficult to spot when women require immediate treatment, much less convince them to enter a rehab facility. Women can also experience gender-based trauma or identity issues that feed addiction issues.

There is also the legitimate fear of entering mixed company during treatment when they are most vulnerable. Women can feel at ease in a women’s rehab program since there is less chance of sexual tension and intimidation due to the presence of men.

5 Benefits of Women’s Rehab

There are many women’s rehab benefits you can look forward to if you’re considering enrollment.

1. Focus on Gender-Based Issues

Men and women are not the same and have different tendencies for different experiences. This is not a judgment of either gender. It is simply how society and the world treat them. Women are much more prone to experience domestic violence and sexual trauma than men, and treatment that considers these issues is more suitable for women.

2. Dual Diagnosis Treatment

People who struggle with substance use disorders are at increased risk of developing mental health conditions, either due to their isolation or the changes in brain chemistry due to their substance use. Treatment teams must simultaneously address mental health disorders and substance use disorders, or recovery can be compromised. This is something that is best done in women’s rehab, as there are professional addiction specialists and mental health counselors who can treat both conditions.

3. A Chance to Tap Into a Female Community

Women can think that they are alone in their struggle with substance use. Women’s rehab is a chance for them to learn that other women have gone through the same experience. They can benefit from the supportive community fostered among women trying to overcome substance use. As others share their stories, everyone gets insight into the unique challenges women face during recovery.

4. Fewer Distractions

Women’s addiction rehab can be more successful since clients have fewer distractions. While in mixed company, there can be social friction arising from sexual tensions and misunderstandings between the genders. A women’s rehab program lets women focus on their journey first, giving them more opportunities to address the root causes of their substance use.

5. A Safe Environment

Many women turn to drugs or alcohol because they have experienced some form of an external stressor with which they cannot cope. There can be any number of reasons, such as community violence, family members who are also addicted, intense grief, or even financial difficulties. A women’s rehab program is a safe environment where clients can develop the coping tools to handle life’s stresses.

Find Women’s Rehab in California at Contact Solution Based Treatment & Detox

At SBT, we understand that substance use disorders affect genders differently, and we treat them accordingly. We offer gender-specific rehab programs alongside a wide range of treatments. There is no reason to let addiction take over your life. Contact Solution Based Treatment & Detox today at 833.999.1941 to learn more about how our team can help you build strong peer relationships and learn positive coping mechanisms with our Murrieta, California, women’s rehab program.

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