Many men need to seek treatment for substance use disorders until later in life when long-term use of drugs or alcohol has already taken a heavy toll. While most rehab programs apply to all genders, a men’s rehab program can also be of great benefit. There are fundamental biological and cultural differences between men and women regarding substance use. Addressing male-specific issues of drug and alcohol use is best undertaken in a supportive, nonjudgmental environment with as few distractions as possible. Because most men sorely lack experience in opening up about substance use, many of them find it easier once they connect with other men who can share their struggles.

Addiction is a challenging process for anyone, and having the support of like-minded people can make all the difference in making recovery successful and sustainable. If you are looking for a Murrieta, California, men’s rehab center, Solution Based Treatment & Detox has you covered. Their gender-specific program is focused on helping men regain control of their lives from addiction, with treatments and therapies that consider men’s unique substance use experiences. We also take a custom-fit approach where we tailor the treatment program to each individual’s needs to maximize their chances of success. Find out more about our Southern California men’s rehab benefits today by calling 833.999.1941.

5 Benefits of Men’s Rehab

1. A Focus on Issues Affecting Men

While addiction’s physical and mental effects do not discriminate between genders, the emotional response and social stigma are different between men and women. In a men’s rehab, clients are empowered to share their fears, doubts, and worries about the male experience with others who can relate.

2. Opportunities to Bond With Like-Minded People

Addiction can often cause people to become isolated from crucial support structures, such as family, community, and peers. Recovery can be complicated when the people closest to the client do not understand the impact of addiction and the client’s struggles. A men’s rehab gives clients a chance to bond and makes a new community of people in recovery, giving them mutual support when it matters the most.

3. Fewer Distractions

While men and women can get treatment in the same rehab program, there is undoubtedly social friction in these spaces. A male-only rehab removes these distractions so clients can focus on their recovery.

4. Increased Comfort and Solidarity

Men are more likely to share their struggles with addiction in a single-gender program. Many men who join a men’s rehab program can experience growth and self-reflection that may not have previously been possible. This program offers a space in which men feel free to express themselves and provide support without reservation.

5. Tailored to Male Physiology

Medical supervision in a men’s rehab can be tailored specifically to male physiology. Men may eliminate certain chemicals more quickly than their female counterparts or be more sensitive to specific medicines.

What to Expect from Men’s Addiction Rehab

Recognizing that men and women have different needs in rehab is not a judgment against either gender. It simply means that the different life experiences and societal roles placed upon each gender will make it easier for them to identify with others who share the same experiences. A men’s rehab program involves men working together to understand their addiction and share how they can work through recovery.

In general, all rehabs, regardless of whether or not they are gender-specific, will follow three stages:

  • Detox
  • Treatment
  • Aftercare

Each stage is crucial for long-term recovery, and a client can only progress to the next step after completing the previous stage. A men’s rehab program can help men get through these stages more effectively and set them up for an improved experience in life after treatment.

Learn More About Men’s Rehab in Murrieta, California, at Solution Based Treatment & Detox

At Solution Based Treatment & Detox, our professional staff members are well-versed in men’s rehab and are experienced in delivering person-centered addiction treatment. Regardless of the type of treatment program, we are committed to helping our clients through their recovery journey, giving them the tools, techniques, and support they need to manage their addiction and mental health. Contact Solution Based Treatment & Detox today at 833.999.1941 to learn more about what we offer. Take the first step, and we can help you stay on the path toward a brighter, healthier future.

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