A sober living program is an effective way to help those in recovery learn coping mechanisms and life skills to maintain sobriety. Programs like this are considered a proper harm reduction strategy, as they involve teaching clients and their families ways to avoid the potential for relapse. Creating a positive, healthy, and uplifting environment can significantly affect a person’s ability to remain sober.

Sober Living Programs Help Maintain Sobriety

A good sober living program helps clients in recovery remain accountable by further developing a sober network without the formal structure and routine provided in a rehab center.

Maintaining sobriety is an achievement that cannot be understated. When a person first detoxes, completes a rehab program, and returns to life in everyday society, they are at an increased risk for relapsing. This situation is a pivotal moment when additional support and encouragement are needed.

It’s essential to avoid contact with those who have enabled poor decision-making or encouraged making problematic choices that lead to negative consequences. In sobriety, it is vital to remain vigilant and self-aware to avoid the pitfalls of high-risk triggers.

In treatment at SBT, our clients learn essential life skills, including coping mechanisms and techniques that help navigate difficult situations people encounter in everyday situations. Continuing therapy is an integral part of the recovery journey. An effective sober living program provides a strong sober network and support system for those in recovery. Your network will help you keep on the right track. It’s essential to remain open and honest about your cravings and temptations so that others can assist you with navigating disturbing thoughts and desires.

SBT’s sober living program in Murrieta, CA, is designed for those who genuinely want to embrace lasting sobriety. Our program offers unique sober living opportunities and experiences to learn effective strategies for coping with the everyday challenges of sober living.

Signs a Person Is Struggling in Recovery

It’s essential to be aware of red flags, signs, and symptoms that a person is struggling with in their recovery so an intervention can happen before a person relapses. Preventing relapse is an essential harm reduction strategy. Signs a person is struggling in their recovery may include:

  • Increased isolation
  • Less concern for self-care and personal hygiene
  • Increased anxiety or depression
  • Mood instability
  • Loss of motivation
  • Increased talk about feeling bored
  • Romanticizing memories involving negative choices
  • Spending time with problematic individuals
  • Putting themselves in risky places or situations

If you see signs that someone you care about may be at an increased risk of relapse, it’s important to intervene immediately. Not only is there an increased risk of unfavorable circumstances from relapse, including overdose, but a person will inevitably have to overcome negative feelings of shame, embarrassment, and guilt surrounding relapse. You can help your loved one avoid self-sabotaging by expressing concern about their struggle with recovery.

Why Choose SBT’s Sober Living Program?

Clients who seek treatment at Solution Based Treatment & Detox are not looking for a short-term solution. Our clients are dedicated to lasting recovery, which means they want to see results. We pride ourselves on having developed effective treatment options, programs, and services that assist our clients in learning how to improve their lives and create a meaningful future for themselves.

Sobriety does not mean that life has to be boring. Idleness is to be avoided, especially for those who are newly sober. Our sober life assistance program helps clients learn to structure their lives better so they can not just survive but thrive in sobriety.

Contact SBT Today to Learn More About Sober Living Programs

Recovery does not end when a person leaves rehab. Staying sober requires dedication and lifelong perseverance. No one should have to travel this road alone. It’s crucial to develop a strong safety net of friends, family, and an excellent sober network that can help you navigate challenging times and avoid the temptation to relapse.

Reach out to Solution Based Treatment & Detox today at 833.999.1941 to speak with a trained representative who can tell you more about the benefits of our sober living program.

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