When someone you care about is abusing drugs or alcohol, their personality may seem to change entirely. In fact, their behaviors may seem out of character and distressing. Understanding the signs of drug and alcohol abuse can help in knowing when to reach out for help. The intervention program at Solution Based Treatment & Detox offer Murrieta, CA residents relief when broaching the touchy topic of addiction.

If your loved one is experiencing symptoms of drug or alcohol addiction, it’s never too late to find solutions that last a lifetime. Send our friendly staff a message online or call 833.999.1941 today to make the first step toward recovery.

5 Signs It’s Time to Hire an Addiction Interventionist

It can feel impossible to start a conversation with someone about their drug or alcohol use. Remember that addiction isn’t something anybody sets out to experience when they try substances for the first time. Getting a certified addiction interventionist to help can make all the difference in navigating the difficult emotions that can come up.

If you notice any of the following patterns, it may be time to hire a drug addiction interventionist:

  1. Their use of substances has grown out of control. All their free time may be taken up with drinking or using drugs, to the point of isolation from friends and family.
  2. They are having trouble with finances, and spend excessively on drugs or alcohol.
  3. The person’s behavior is erratic, deceptive, or manipulative. They may act out in desperation to maintain enough supply of drugs or alcohol.
  4. Their use of drugs or alcohol has had an effect on their physical and mental health. They may have chronic physical ailments, depression, fatigue, and agitation.
  5. Attempts at talking about the subject have failed to bring about any changes so far. If the person isn’t willing to listen to you, it may be that you are too close to them.

An unbiased, professional opinion can be just the wake-up call needed. Additionally, a third party will not “take sides,” and will make it clear that they are making your loved one’s best interests their top priority. Having an advocate who can provide a compassionate, non-judgmental way out of addiction cycles can make all the difference.

Intervention Services at Solution Based Treatment & Detox

Solution Based Treatment & Detox offers residents of California face-to-face intervention services. For clients who live in other states, our drug addiction interventionists can arrange for a remote intervention, or even travel to carry out a face-to-face intervention.

Benefits of intervention services at Solution Based Treatment & Detox include:

  • Firm, compassionate guidance that allows the whole group to feel heard and respected
  • Clear communication with families before the intervention takes place, so everyone knows what to expect
  • Family interventions, one-on-one interventions, group interventions, and guided interventions
  • Enrollment in detox and rehab programs, with a personalized treatment plan

At Solution Based, we want every client to feel they are safe to express themselves throughout the recovery journey. To this end, we invite clients to also participate in our holistic therapy programs including music therapy, art therapy, and faith-based counseling. When you find more creative ways to express negative feelings, it becomes easier to get through hard times without drugs or alcohol.

Find Somewhere to Belong at Solution Based Treatment & Detox Today

When someone has become addicted to drugs or alcohol, it’s often out of feelings of loneliness and being perceived as “different” from others. By reaching out to Solution Based Treatment & Detox, you can help your loved one find a whole new community full of bright and motivated sober peers. At SBT&D, we’ve got your loved one’s back for the long run.

Contact our certified drug addiction interventionists today to get started. While the process of detox and rehab is challenging, our team at Solution Based is ready to give your loved ones the highest level of comfort and care. Give us a call today at 833.999.1941 or fill out our online form, and we will be pleased to speak with you about your loved one.

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