Traditional drug and alcohol rehab programs have left many people frustrated by the short-term support offered. Long-term sobriety can be difficult to achieve, but with more modern and holistic approaches, it’s possible. At Solution Based Treatment & Detox, our multidisciplinary team of specialists can guide you through rehab, aftercare, and a sober living program. With comprehensive support that lasts, you can rest assured you won’t have to maintain sobriety all on your own. Find out more about our treatment programs today when you reach out to our friendly staff online, or call 833.999.1941.

The Difference Between Long-Term and Short-Term Sobriety

Someone who has finished a drug or alcohol rehab program may be sober, but the fight against addiction is something that lasts a lifetime. Short-term sobriety is what many people are able to achieve through regular rehab treatments, but long-term sobriety can require more focused, sustained efforts.

Achieving long-term sobriety may involve participating in:

  • Aftercare programs
  • Sober living programs
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Holistic therapies (including art, music, or faith-based treatment)
  • Continued mental health counseling

For those who have mental health symptoms that are co-occurring with addiction, dual diagnosis treatment can offer simultaneous care for both issues. When you have completed rehab, you may continue with mental healthcare services to increase the likelihood of maintaining sobriety long-term.

What Is Considered Long-Term Sobriety?

Because drug and alcohol use are often coping mechanisms for people who are dealing with stress, it can take a long time to retrain yourself to cope with stress differently. Someone who is in the earlier stages of sobriety may be still learning how to navigate the challenges in their life without drugs or alcohol. Needless to say, that can be challenging.

Long-term sobriety involves abstaining from drug or alcohol use for more than five years. For the first five years of recovery, focus should be kept on growing through each trigger. As time goes on, each step forward will become easier.

According to long-term sobriety statistics:

  • People who stay in treatment for a longer amount of time have outcomes of longer-term sobriety
  • Treatment programs that last at least three months are recommended for long-term sobriety
  • Access to housing, employment, and education are less of an issue for those who achieve long-term sobriety
  • Involvement with a sober community can strongly increase likelihood of long-term recovery

Sober Living Program at Solution Based Treatment & Detox

At Solution Based Treatment & Detox, we pride ourselves on giving every client a treatment plan that is tailored to their unique needs and history. Our full-service center offers all levels of care for drug and alcohol rehab, including:

  • Medical detox
  • Residential treatment
  • Addiction counseling, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • Relapse prevention planning program
  • Men’s and women’s rehab
  • Sober living program

At SBT&D, clients can feel welcome to take their time and work at their own pace. Each step of the way, our team encourages clients to reconnect with themselves, friends, and family. Group therapy, family therapy, and individual therapy can all provide important insights and coping tools that can secure long-term sobriety. With sober living activities, clients can enjoy celebrating milestones, as well as continued support through triggers and challenges.

Solutions for Long-Term Sobriety Are Just a Call Away

It can be heartbreaking to graduate from a rehab program, only to experience relapse a short while later. To prevent this from happening, Solution Based Treatment & Detox builds solid foundations with clients that they can rely on for years to come. Our team wants to see every client feel stable and secure in their sobriety. Therefore, our specialists work hard to collaborate and offer holistic care. With art therapy, music therapy, and faith-based counseling, clients can practice redirecting stress and nervous energy into creative, fulfilling activities.

Secure your long-term sobriety today when you reach out to our team at 833.999.1941, or contact us online.

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