When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it may be difficult for them to envision a life without substance use. Having something to look forward to while being part of something creative can make a big difference in relapse prevention. Fun relapse prevention group activities can give people practice with new skills, explore new hobbies, and rekindle old passions. At Solution Based Treatment & Detox in Southern California, our clients can participate in relapse prevention group activities that empower long-term sobriety. Find out more about our relapse prevention program when you contact us online or call 833.999.1941 today.

Common and Fun Group Relapse Prevention Activities

Relapse prevention activities can be a space for those in rehab to try new activities for both enjoyment and coping with stress. As you connect with others who share a common goal, you can feel a sense of belonging and support from friends. You can have fun and thrive in sobriety with activities that focus on healing and positive growth.

Here are some common and fun group relapse prevention activities:

  • Creative arts, including writing, poetry, painting, making music, and more
  • Outings to explore new places with sober friends
  • Physical movement, such as yoga, dance, and sports
  • Group relapse prevention strategizing, so you can feel confident and supported through triggers
  • Gatherings for dinner or movies, to socialize with sober friends and celebrate milestones together

When a person is working through rehab, they frequently have to make substantial changes to their life. For example, they stop seeing certain people, places, or things that would influence them towards drug use. Having a support system that nurtures a sober life can provide the crucial structure for long-term sobriety.

As you practice communication skills and enjoy activities outside of drug use, you don’t have to try to visualize what sober living feels like. You will be doing it and feeling the benefits yourself. Find out more about our relapse prevention program at Solution Based Treatment & Detox today.

Relapse Prevention Program at SBT&D

Solution Based Treatment & Detox encourages clients to participate in our relapse prevention planning to make it easier to return home after rehab. When someone has decided to quit using drugs or alcohol, it doesn’t mean that all of their friends have decided to do the same. Having a group of knowledgeable specialists and compassionate peers backing you up in your decision can make things go more smoothly.

At Solution Based, we don’t believe that a client is “finished” with recovery the second they leave rehab. Our team understands that recovery is a lifelong choice that must be maintained every day. This is why our relapse prevention program includes:

  • Detailed relapse prevention planning, which is done collaboratively with clients, sponsors, and therapists
  • Coping exercises that can help with relapse prevention and getting through stressful times
  • Alcohol relapse prevention planning for those struggling with alcohol addiction
  • Connection to resources that can provide additional support, such as residential programs

Solution Based Treatment & Detox offers all levels of care for addiction treatment, including post-rehab aftercare and more. We want our clients to know they haven’t been forgotten, and their hard work can build towards something. Discover more about our holistic therapies and programs, including music and faith-based ones.

Find Security in Sobriety Today at SBT&D

When people use drugs or alcohol to cope with their insecurities, they often end up feeling more insecure than when they first tried the substance. When you reach out to Solution Based Treatment in Murrieta, CA, you can work through your insecurities with our compassionate specialists. When you find understanding, camaraderie, and care in a community of sober peers, you can feel secure in long-term sobriety. Reach out to our friendly staff today online, or call 833.999.1941 to find out more.

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