Upon completing rehab, everyone wants to feel confident that they will have a long-lasting recovery. Feeling as though you have a purpose and you belong here can go a long way in keeping you thriving in sobriety. For those who seek a faith-based recovery program, this deeper purpose and meaning may be found through exploring spiritual perspectives. At Solution Based Treatment & Detox, our Building on the Rock program allows clients to explore their faith and spiritual connection as a tool for healing. Find out more about our evidence-based and holistic programs today when you reach our friendly team online or call 833.999.1941.

The Benefits of Faith-Based Addiction Recovery

When addiction has taken over someone’s ability to live freely and fully, it can be difficult to find a way forward. Those who are filling a “void” with substances often feel drawn to find a deeper meaning and larger purpose to their life. Exploring spiritual practices, faith in a higher power, or even just meditation and mindfulness, can allow for more peace and ease in recovery.

Those who participate in faith-based programs for recovery can benefit from the following:

  • Feelings of having a larger purpose and gratitude for life
  • Stronger sense of self and identity outside of substance use
  • Community with like-minded peers to help you through difficult times and celebrate with you in your successes
  • Rituals and routines that give you feelings of peace and harmony

For many who are recovering from substance abuse, rehab can be a place of rebirth and renewal. Getting in touch with your own inner wisdom and knowledge can be powerful in helping you break self-limiting beliefs that give addiction its power over you.

Regardless of religious affiliation, spiritual and faith-based therapies can give people a sense of community, belonging, and trust in themselves. This feeling of being able to trust oneself can be all it takes to break free of the mental prison of addiction.

Find a Faith-Based Recovery Program at Solution Based Treatment & Detox

Solution Based Treatment & Detox offers faith-based recovery in our program, “Building on the Rock,” which offers a Christian perspective to addiction recovery. We encourage our clients to:

  • Find words of wisdom in the scriptures
  • Allow themselves to surrender to a higher power, if they feel so inclined
  • Build a relationship with God
  • Focus on the 12 steps
  • Find ways to serve others, as is a core Christian value

Clients who have participated in “Building on the Rock” find they are able to heal to the point of forgiveness towards others more easily. They also feel a more persistent self-love and honoring of the self, which can help maintain longer-term recovery.

Our holistic programs also include art therapy, music therapy, and yoga. We encourage clients to explore different ways of expressing themselves. Finding the outlets that work for you can make all the difference in sober living. These programs at SBT&D complement our full-service detox and rehab center. Find out more about our individualized treatment plans today.

Explore Spiritual Recovery Today with SBT&D

Regardless of your history and background, you have a story to tell, and it is important. Finding a way to tell your story, and help others, can empower you to remain sober. When you reach out to a higher power and find your place in the universe, you may find yourself feeling more content than you ever did while high on drugs or alcohol.

At Solution Based Treatment & Detox, you can find your people who will be there for you through the highs and lows of addiction recovery. With the empowerment of a spiritual community and your own inner light, you can conquer your triggers and fears as they come. Reach out to our caring team today online or at 833.999.1941 to get started.

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