When addiction has crept into people’s lives, they are often unaware of the reality of their own situation. It can be difficult for those who care to feel like they can help. If a friend or family member is showing signs of addiction, it’s important to learn how to talk to them about it.

Early intervention can save lives, bring friends and family closer together, and pave the way for long-term recovery. While someone who is using drugs may not be open to talking about it, you can get support through early intervention programs. Solution Based Treatment serves California residents who are in need of intervention for addiction treatment and recovery. Find out more about our services today by reaching out online, or calling 833.999.1941.

The Importance of an Early Intervention

Early intervention has to begin with communication. Nobody is born knowing exactly what to say to someone who is addicted to alcohol or other substances, so it’s important to begin with an open mind. Mental health and addiction experts offer some insights for how we can approach intervention:

  • Give the person your undivided attention and listen more, talk less.
  • Start with your intentions centered around compassion, kindness, and understanding.
  • Stay consistent in your support for their recovery, and reliable in how you speak and behave around them.
  • Set boundaries with this person, and make sure he or she clearly understands the things you can and can’t tolerate.
  • Support the loved one in receiving professional help through counseling and treatment.

Family intervention can be particularly successful when the family takes an active role in helping their loved one. Regardless of the stage of addiction someone is in, substance use rehab is the best way to guarantee long-term recovery.

If someone you care about has fallen down the rabbit hole of addiction, you don’t have to try to help them all by yourself. Take advantage of SBT’s collective expertise in medical and psychological treatment, just a quick online message or call away, at 833.999.1941.

Early Intervention Services at SBT

Getting someone out of their own head and grounded in the reality of their own addiction is something that can necessitate face-to-face conversations. Solution Based Treatment’s intervention services can give families the support they need to have these conversations.

Clients who receive intervention services at SBT can benefit from the following:

  • Having an intervention counselor guide friends and family in broaching the topic of addiction recovery
  • Family intervention, one-on-one intervention, guided intervention, or group intervention, and insight into which of these may work the best for you
  • Structured process that is shared with family members, so everyone can be aware of what to expect
  • Enrollment in an inpatient recovery program
  • Detox, holistic treatment options, relapse prevention planning, and sober living programs

Our goal at SBT is to get everyone on-board with recovery. When clients and their families work together with our team of compassionate and knowledgeable experts, long-term sobriety is within reach. All it takes is a few minutes today to make a difference tomorrow. Find out more about SBT’s intervention services today and how our programs have made a difference in our sober community.

Stop Addiction In Its Tracks with SBT

When addiction is in its earlier stages, it may seem to everyone that there isn’t a problem. However, as the stages of addiction progress, its effects can snowball into devastating harm to one’s life. If someone you care about is abusing alcohol or substances, it’s important to get help sooner rather than later. SBT is here to help your loved one understand the importance of stopping drug use and participating in treatment.

Our programs include faith-based treatment, Rock to Recovery, group therapy, family therapy, and dual diagnosis treatment. We strive to give all clients access to an effective treatment plan so that they can enjoy a long-term recovery. Reach out to Solution Based Treatment online today, or call 833.999.1941 for more information.

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