Recognizing that you or a loved one may be dealing with addiction can be scary and difficult. Addiction often takes hold quietly and without permission. It can affect those who may have previously sworn to never fall victim to addiction. Acknowledging that there is a problem, however, can lead to finding the right solutions.

Addiction counseling can be a key part of recovery for those from all walks of life. At Solution Based Treatment in Murrieta, California, those seeking addiction recovery can benefit from addiction therapy in Murrieta and more. Take a step toward a brighter future today, and send us a message online, or call us at 833.999.1941.

5 Reasons to Get Addiction Counseling

More than 21 million people in the United States are reported to suffer from addiction to alcohol or drugs. Most of those people feel isolated and lonely. Having a space where it is safe and comfortable to discuss one’s struggles can provide a platform for people to build new connections and sober habits.

Addiction counseling provides a safe and supportive environment that can provide the following benefits:

  1. Opportunities to repair any relationships affected by addiction
  2. Enhanced support system, allowing those in recovery to gain new friends who also want a sober lifestyle
  3. Better understanding of any underlying psychiatric symptoms or diagnoses, and opportunities to heal from co-occurring conditions simultaneously
  4. Access to evidence-based and holistic therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, group therapy, and music therapy
  5. Long-term support through sober living and alumni programs

Addiction counseling should be client-led and tailored to the individual’s circumstances and needs. Solution Based Treatment offers this kind of custom treatment. Our team of medical and psychological experts are here to work alongside you and your loved ones. Reach out to SBT online today, or call 833.999.1941.

Addiction Counseling at Solution Based Treatment

Addiction to substances can impact every aspect of one’s life, including relationships with others, mental health, and physical health. Getting addiction counseling should be just one component of addiction treatment, but it plays a key role in recovery.

At SBT, our clients have access to a wide variety of services including therapy and counseling. We aim to treat every client as a whole person, rather than simply tackling symptoms. Our caring team is committed to giving every client the treatment plan that works best for them. Clients can build treatment plans to include any of the following:

  • Medically supervised detox
  • Intervention services
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Residential treatment
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Men’s and women’s rehab programs
  • Dual diagnosis programs, including CBT, DBT, and group therapy
  • Relapse prevention programs
  • Rock to Recovery program
  • Sober living programs for alumni

Our aim is to provide the level of care needed for all clients and their unique situations. Whether you have family responsibilities, a career to maintain, or any other responsibilities, we are here to give you the necessary support to achieve long-lasting recovery.

With a mix of both medical and psychological expertise, our team is ready to guide you and your loved ones in healing. In addition, we also offer faith-based recovery and Rock to Recovery programs, to give clients additional opportunities to build positive skills and self-confidence. From beginning to finish, all clients receive the level of support they need to move forward and thrive.

Find Out More About SBT’s Addiction Treatment Programs

When seeking addiction recovery, it can be challenging to feel confident and sure that a program is right for you. It’s normal to have some questions and concerns about finding a safe and supportive recovery environment. At Solution Based Treatment, you will be welcomed by non-judgmental professionals who understand addiction well and want to help. Take the next step today to learn more, and reach out to us online, or call 833.999.1941.

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