While family relationships can be a source of great strength and comfort, unhealthy habits can cause strain within families. Addiction and mental health symptoms can cause family members to behave in ways that seem out of character. It can feel confusing and upsetting for those involved. However, with the right support, every family can find healing.

Codependency is one symptom that shows up in relationships that are affected by addiction. At Solution Based Treatment in Murrieta, California, we offer family therapy for anyone who is experiencing codependency, with a focus on addiction and mental health recovery. Our experienced and compassionate team can facilitate your family’s journey into brighter days ahead. Don’t hesitate to send us a message online or call 833.999.1941 today.

Codependency and Family

When someone in the family is dealing with addiction, it is common for at least one person in the family to become an enabler for the addiction. This is usually because they themselves gain some sort of comfort in this action. To help identify codependency, it can help to ask the following questions:

  • Do you feel personally responsible for your family member’s addiction or feelings?
  • Do you feel that your worth to this person is attached to you continuing to enable his or her addiction?
  • Are your own needs being neglected in order to meet those of this family member?
  • Are you left feeling powerless, even though it may seem like you’re in control?

Perhaps the relationship you have with a family member has become codependent. If so, find help from those outside of the family who care. Solution Based Treatment’s addiction specialists are here to give every family a warm environment where they can learn and grow together. With the support of family, community, and medical and psychological professionals, you can find long-term recovery and healing.

SBT’s Family Therapy Program

At Solution Based Treatment, our family therapy programs are meant to give clients and their families a safe space for the recovery journey. We design all clients’ programs around their particular needs, giving families better understanding of the process along the way.

Our family therapy programs provide our clients and their families with the following:

  • Structured counseling that enables clients and their families to discuss how addiction has impacted their lives
  • Opportunities to address the emotional, mental, and behavioral impacts of addiction and work together with family to find solutions
  • Insight into what triggers may be present, and how families can help with avoiding triggers
  • A time and place to intentionally learn about addiction, and work out any communication barriers

Family therapy can give family members key roles in addiction recovery and prime everyone in the family for long-term recovery and freedom from addiction. Including your family in the process can not only give you the support you need to beat addiction, but also can give your family members the knowledge they need to avoid addiction and keep the cycle broken.

At Solution Based Treatment, our team is committed to helping you and your family grow stronger together in the fight against addiction. What may look impossible or too difficult today, can become a reality in the future when you have the right team on your side.

Find Out More About Family Therapy at SBT

Family is special because they are the people whose bonds with you go the deepest and whose history with you is irreplaceable. Healing old wounds and de-escalating tensions can be a key step in addiction recovery. Solution Based Therapy’s team of caring professionals give you and your family time to:

  • Clear the air
  • Practice healthy communication
  • Stop allowing family bonds to hinder addiction recovery

Our team at SBT are experts in both evidence-based and holistic therapies. We welcome those who look to faith, music, and arts as a means of connection and expression. Take the time today to put yourself, and by extension your family, first. Get help for recovery by sending SBT’s team a message online or call 833.999.1941.

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