Staying sober after receiving treatment for addiction can be challenging. Even if you avoid situations where drinking and drugs will be present, fighting temptation may still be a struggle. Addiction can destroy someone’s life. That includes job loss, family conflict, homelessness, and financial problems. The triggers created by substance use disorders cause a person to want to use more often, which is how the cycle of addiction works. However, with the help of professional addiction treatment and aftercare services, you can significantly lower your chance of relapse compared to those who do not take advantage of aftercare support.

This is why we offer a sober living program at Solution Based Treatment. Having access to a therapist when you need them or another sober living resident to rely on can help you achieve recovery. A sober living network will help support you when the risk of relapse arises, reminding you how drugs and alcohol have negatively impacted your life. Learn more about our sober living program by calling 833.999.1941 or completing our online form.

5 Benefits of Addiction Aftercare

1. A Like-Minded Community

Being part of a community that understands what you are going through can help you achieve your goals together. Support, accountability, and taking the time to go at your own pace.

2. Putting New Skills into Action

One of the main benefits of addiction aftercare is that it allows you to put what you learn to the test but with a strong support network behind you. Mistakes are normal, and slip-ups will happen, but an aftercare team will help get you back on track.

3. Continuing Education

Getting encouragement and feedback from your peers only helps you grow and learn. By sharing and listening to others, you are continually reminded why you want to stay sober.

4. Reducing the Chance of Relapse

People who engage actively in addiction aftercare are less likely to relapse. Aftercare is an excellent way to keep you on the right track.

5. More Accountability

As you maintain your sobriety in an aftercare program, you’ll think twice before relapsing because others will hold you accountable.

Mistakes will happen. But relapse is not a sign of failure. It just means you need more support. Embrace the benefits of addiction aftercare. A sober living aftercare program can be the support that helps prevent a full relapse.

Sober Living Programs

Being around people who are drinking and using drugs can make it very difficult to avoid relapse. This is where a sober living program comes in. Having an aftercare plan to ease you back into your everyday life can make the transition from treatment through recovery easier to manage. You want to know you can put your sobriety first when faced with triggers or a temptation that could cause you to relapse. A sober living program allows people in recovery to be surrounded by a solid, sober network without the structure and formality of a residential program.

In the sober living program at Solution Based Treatment, clients continue to work on the skills needed to cope with the daily struggles of staying sober. Preventing relapse is more difficult for some than it is for others. Having a supportive and nurturing sober environment that you can continue to rely on in your recovery can be the difference between staying sober and a relapse. Sober living allows you to integrate back into your life at school, work, and at home while still living within the SBT network. The flexibility of the program will enable individuals to keep therapy and support group appointments at the treatment center, and we can even provide transportation to these appointments if needed.

Maintain Sobriety with Aftercare at Solution Based Treatment

At Solution Based Treatment, we offer a number of addiction treatment programs focused on treating the mind, body, and soul to achieve lifelong sobriety. Our programs include:

  • Residential addiction treatment
  • Medical detox
  • Sober living aftercare
  • Music and art programs
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)

Aftercare services can help you stay sober while you get the extra support needed to prevent relapse. Contact our treatment team today by completing our online form or calling 833.999.1941 to learn more about addiction treatment and recovery.

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