If your faith is an important part of who you are, then recovery should be even more of a priority. Your connection with a higher power will only be strengthened once you achieve recovery. At Solution Based Treatment, we offer programs to help you be stronger in your recovery than you ever thought possible through a variety of therapeutic models, including music therapy, gender-responsive therapy, and faith-based recovery.

The team at SBT is available to answer any questions about what the right course of action is right for you or a loved one, so contact us by calling 833.999.1941 or completing our online form.

Why You Should Consider Faith-Based Rehab

If you are like many Americans who rely on faith as a guide for daily life, then finding a way to seamlessly integrate it into your rehab experience is important. In many faith-based addiction treatment programs, you’ll find a structure that supports your beliefs and your recovery. Faith can be an integral part of finding comfort and a sense of peace and normalcy after the traumatic experience of addiction. In a program focused on faith, you can build on your existing spiritual foundation to carry through to your recovery and the goal of recovery. If this sounds like something that is right for you, then a faith-based program like the one at SBT could be the perfect fit.

Faith-based rehab can include:

  • Christian mentors – Having mentors work with you directly, aligning with your religious beliefs makes sense. This support can be invaluable as you navigate treatment and recovery and look for guidance along the way.
  • Spiritual support – Faith-centered support is a therapeutic modality that can be worked into a customized treatment plan, along with evidence-based therapies and/or medication-assisted treatment. You’ll be among peers who will join you in group therapies focused on Christian principles, which will help you feel comfortable, acknowledged, and supported.
  • Consistency – While therapy is on your terms, you’ll have comfort in knowing that all of your therapies, including spiritual care, transition with you as you go through the different stages of treatment and recovery. You’ll also work on practices you can keep in place after you leave rehab, which lessens your risk of relapse.
  • Faith-based recovery skills – Leaving rehab and re-joining your everyday life with your newly found recovery can be a rocky transition. Your faith can be one of the most important tools you take with you back out into the world to manage your recovery.

Faith-Based Rehab at SBT

SBT offers a faith-based recovery track called “Building on the Rock,” where clients are encouraged to spiritually reflect on themselves, and scripture is used as guidance to overcome the grip that addiction can have on one’s body and soul. Clients receive individual counseling and group therapy sessions with our spiritual and knowledgeable staff. In our faith-based treatment program, God’s love and acceptance are emphasized so that the recovering person can gather strength and find inspiration to break the bondage of any addiction.

Our Christian counselors have implemented and taught faith-based recovery principles for over a decade to those seeking spiritual growth. If building a stronger relationship with God is something you want to be part of your treatment and recovery process, then faith-based rehab may be the right answer for you.

Seek Faith-Based Recovery Today at SBT

At Solution Based Treatment, our substance use disorder treatment programs help clients learn skills they can put to use not only in treatment but also in recovery and everyday life. We believe in structure, fairness, and compassion in everything we do and how we support our clients. Our supportive, structured, safe, and nurturing environment in California offers a variety of programs.

Contact our team at SBT by calling 833.999.1941 or complete our online form to learn more about our faith-based approach and craft a treatment plan customized for you or a loved one.

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