Inpatient treatment can give those struggling with and recovering from addiction a safe and structured environment to detox and get treatment with a higher chance of avoiding relapse. Residential treatment at an accredited facility, like Solution Based Treatment, can be the best solution for those facing addiction.

If you or a loved one may benefit from residential treatment for addiction, reach out to our team today by calling 833.999.1941 or completing our online form. This form of inpatient treatment can be an effective method for addressing and overcoming addiction.

What Is Inpatient Treatment?

Residential inpatient addiction treatment programs offer full-time focused care in a residential setting. It’s care that you can’t get in a regular home setting or outpatient environment. Having this 24/7 care as you recover from a substance use disorder provides a seamless transition from detox to therapy and, ultimately, a life free from addiction. The benefits occur on all levels giving our clients physical, psychological, and emotional support through the entire process.

Inpatient treatment at SBT offers an opportunity to heal the brain and body from the damage caused by addiction in a safe, supportive, and drug-free location. This is different from
outpatient rehab where someone attends treatment during the day but goes home at night and is still exposed to an environment that fostered their addiction in the first place.

The Benefits of Inpatient Residential Rehab

Inpatient residential rehab at SBT has many advantages over outpatient rehab. These include the safety of a closed substance-free facility, resulting in a higher success rate and less chance of relapse. The choice to rid yourself of addiction is not an easy one. It’s difficult but necessary work that will be challenging, but in the end, you will be rewarded with your recovery.

For those who choose inpatient treatment, you are able to start recovery with a very structured plan in a very safe environment. The temptations are few, and distractions outside the facility are kept out of the equation. Round-the-clock support is available, any hour of the day or night. Inpatient rehab can be especially helpful for those addicted to multiple substances or who have been long-term drug users. The additional time to focus on their recovery process can be highly beneficial. In fact, research shows that spending the right amount of time in treatment is directly linked to a long and successful recovery.

Physical Benefits of Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient programs that successfully treat addiction begin by offering a medically supervised residential environment to detox. After detox, treatment continues through providing counseling services and other therapies that change how the brain responds to the urge to use drugs or alcohol. With detox comes the symptoms of withdrawal, which can be severe. Medical help is needed during this process to feel more comfortable and manage cravings. A residential treatment program lessens the risk of relapse, overdose, and other serious medical conditions.

Emotional Benefits of Inpatient Treatment

Emotional healing as part of treatment is genuine and important. At SBT, we believe in a balance between medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and more holistic therapies. It’s important to treat the whole self, especially when co-occurring disorders occur. The safe haven, emotional support, and comfort that clients receive in a closed, supportive, and home-like environment in inpatient rehab are crucial to the overall treatment.

Determine if SBT’s Inpatient Treatment Program Is Right for You

A residential treatment program can be the foundation of your drug and alcohol treatment. At SBT, our inpatient residential program in Southern California is housed in a series of comfortable, tranquil homes equipped with certified full-time chefs. It’s truly a home away from home. Clients receive evidence-based therapies and clinical support, along with activities like journaling to explore their substance use behavior, self-worth, and more.

Contact our caring, compassionate, and professional team today at 833.999.1941 to learn more and see if residential inpatient treatment is the right option for you.

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