There is a myriad of reasons that people mix drugs and alcohol, and every combination is dangerous. The cocaine and alcohol mix is one of the most common. It’s called polysubstance abuse. The reason it’s so common is that it’s thought that each substance will reduce the negative symptoms of the other substance. Contact us by calling 833.999.1941 to learn about our remarkable Murrieta detox center and drug treatment programs.

In some cases, people who abuse cocaine will mix it with alcohol to reduce the anxiety brought on by cocaine use. In other cases, a person who abuses alcohol may add cocaine to the mix to increase their physical energy. People may also start mixing cocaine and alcohol as a result of social peer pressure. Substance abuse treatment at a medically supervised treatment facility like Solution Based Treatment can address polysubstance abuse and help with a plan for treatment and recovery.

The Cocaine and Alcohol Mix

Alcohol and cocaine both increase impulsive behavior, encourage taking risks, affect good judgment, and result in poor cognitive function. So, it’s no wonder they are the most common pairing in polysubstance abuse. When a cocaine user adds alcohol to the mix, it only enhances the amount of cocaine flowing through their system. It’s a heart attack waiting to happen because it’s a jolt to your heart rate and blood pressure. The mix can be attractive because cocaine can reduce the effect of alcohol, so people take the opportunity to drink more at a lower tolerance. It’s all about getting more of the fix through multiple substances – a more the merrier approach to substance use and abuse. 

When drugs are abused in combination with each other, the side effects of each only get stronger. It’s simple math – one plus one equals two. The substances are combined, and so are their addictive effects. This results in unique side effects, different from those of each substance independently. Individuals suffering from co-occurring disorders are even more vulnerable to polysubstance abuse. Unfortunately, substance abuse intensifies the symptoms of mental health disorders, so polysubstance abuse makes those symptoms even worse. 

Substance Use Treatment at SBT

Not surprisingly, withdrawing from more than one drug is much harder to do than dealing with withdrawal from just one. A medically supervised treatment facility is the best way to get help in a safe and comfortable environment. 24/7 care keeps you on track with all the support you need to achieve your ultimate goal of recovery. 

Detox is a necessary first step, but it can’t be done without the other parts of the treatment and recovery process. Therefore, after detox, a comprehensive addiction treatment program is recommended, emphasizing group and individual therapies under the direction of medical professionals.

Each treatment plan is individualized for the client. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is helpful in getting focused on behavioral patterns that are part of polysubstance abuse and working to change behaviors. Treatments such as CBT help deal with destructive behavior patterns common with substance abuse. It’s also important to identify any co-occurring disorder early in the treatment process so that the treatment plan encompasses all of the clients’ challenges – mental and physical. 

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Our substance abuse detox program uses FDA-approved medications to decrease the chance of complications during detox. This can protect patients from health-related detox complications, but it’s really the treatment that takes place after detox that l will help clients develop the tools they need to stay sober – for life. We offer the following post-detox programs at Solution Based Treatment:

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