Residential rehab is one of the foundations of drug and alcohol treatment. It’s beneficial for moderate to severe forms of substance abuse where a person needs 24-hour support and a drug-free environment. Not every person needs inpatient treatment, but it offers the best opportunity to avoid relapse for those that do. At Solution Based Treatment, we offer this level of care as a starting point for treatment.

What Is Residential Rehab?

Inpatient treatment requires a person to remain at the location 24-hours a day for a period of several weeks to several months. During this time, they have limited access to family, work responsibilities, and other stressors. The goal is to focus on healing the body and mind from the damage caused by substance abuse. It is an intense form of therapy that includes various levels of individual and group therapy sessions. 

Some people begin residential treatment with detox. The detox process enables the body to naturally remove the toxins from substance abuse in a controlled environment. Doctors use medications to minimize the onset and continuation of cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This helps break dependence, creating the opportunity for overcoming the addiction.

Why Choose Residential Rehab?

The investment of time and hard work into residential rehab offers numerous advantages, including a higher likelihood of addiction recovery. This stems from several solutions it offers, such as:

  • A structured environment reduces self-destructive habits and builds healthy habits into day-to-day life that continues after treatment ends.
  • The supportive environment within residential treatment ensures both master-level clinician support along with peer encouragement. This builds confidence and supports long-lasting recovery.
  • Individuals have access to 24-hour support when needed, including medical help during detox and ongoing treatment for physical needs.
  • Onsite mental health disorder treatment for conditions such as depression, anxiety, and trauma, is available. Medication use for treatment can be improved faster and outcomes improved as a result.
  • Constant reinforcement of positive thought processes and proper stress management helps individuals to form good habits that follow them later. This helps support physical and emotional health.

Each of these benefits supports long-term addiction recovery by providing opportunities and support at one of the most vulnerable times of a person’s life. It is a positive environment meant to provide comfort as well as encouragement.

Residential Treatment Offers Access to Numerous Therapies

Another benefit of inpatient drug treatment is providing individuals with access to a range of therapies for addiction recovery. This includes strategies for managing both physical and mental health needs. Individualized treatment plans help each person have care that fits their specific needs, interests, and experiences. At Solution Based Treatment, some of the therapies available include evidence-based and holistic therapies. This includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, Rock to Recovery, and relapse prevention programs. Faith-based recovery therapies are also available. 

Residential treatment is one of the tools we offer. Other treatment options include:

  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Sober living treatment programs

After a formal assessment, it’s possible to learn more about the type and level of care best suited to each person’s needs. Even if a person isn’t sure if they can afford inpatient treatment or they are worried about leaving home for a long period of time, our team can offer insights and solutions. The benefits of comprehensive care like this result in improved addiction recovery.

Find the Right Treatment for You at Solution Based Treatment

Residential rehab offers an opportunity to heal the brain and body from the damage caused by addiction in a safe, drug-free location. For those unsure if they need this level of care or who are ready to get started, a call to our compassionate counselors provides solutions. Contact Solution Based Treatment by calling 833.999.1941 or connecting with us online now. 

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