Meth abuse is often thought of as an issue that would be easy to point out. While some of the most noteworthy signs of meth use can be easy to spot, using this drug can also bring about signs that are easy to miss. If you suspect your loved one is in need of meth rehab but hiding the problem, getting to know the not-so-easy to recognize signs of meth use.

Unusual Sleeping Patterns

People who are in active meth abuse may stay awake for several days at a time. Even if the individual is lying down to go to bed at night, they may be up frequently, say they aren’t able to sleep, or generally seem restless. Going for long periods without sleep can eventually lead to a crash; the person may sleep longer than usual when the high from the drug abuse eventually wears off. Unless you are sleeping directly with the individual, it can be easy to miss the changes in sleeping patterns.

Hyperfocus On Unusual Tasks or Objections

Meth psychosis is a term used to describe the mental state someone can be in when they are using meth. The unusual psychosis can be characterized in several ways, but many individuals become hyperfocused on unusual tasks or objections. For example, someone who is using meth may:

  • Spend hours on their phone because they believe it has a problem
  • Continuously pick at their skin, their teeth, their nails, or even their hair with claims that something is wrong
  • Spend long periods cleaning almost obsessively

Lack of Appetite or Weight Loss

Methamphetamine is a stimulant. Therefore, the drug delivers an astounding amount of energy for most users. The constant movement and heightened energy alone may be enough to lead to weight loss for someone with a meth addiction. However, another easier to miss side effect of meth abuse is lack of appetite. The drug directly inhibits the appetite, so individuals with this kind of drug abuse problem may go for long periods without eating much. If you suspect someone is using meth, pay attention to how much they are eating. You may notice the individual:

  • Is not eating much at all
  • Is only eating small portions of food
  • Is not showing much interest in food
  • Is eating only junk food, such as sugary snacks

Paranoia Associated with Other People

One of the characteristics of someone who needs meth rehab is paranoia. However, loved ones often fail to associate paranoia with meth abuse immediately. The paranoia is most often associated with other people. For example, the individual may become overly paranoid that their significant other is doing things behind their back, cheating, or trying to harm them. The individual may also become unreasonably paranoid about electronics, such as phones or security devices. We offer the following treatment programs for people looking to stop using meth:

  • Detox
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Relapse prevention

Rapid Eye Movements

Meth abuse is most often associated with dilated pupils, which can be a true side effect. However, another sign that is easier to miss is rapid eye movement. You may notice the individual has a hard time maintaining eye contact, but if you are looking closely, you will also notice their eyes moving rapidly in different directions. Some would refer to this eye movement as a sort of “jerky” movement as the eyes dart from one focus point to another.

Consider Solution Based Treatment for Meth Rehab 

The long-term implications of meth abuse can be everything from structural changes to the brain to physical damage to the body. If you believe someone you care about has a meth addiction, drug abuse treatment at a qualified facility is important. At Solution Based Treatment, we offer detox, partial-hospitalization programs (PHP), intensive outpatient programs (IOP), and more. Our straightforward approach to the psychological aspects of addiction and substance abuse offers an obvious path to sobriety. Reach out to us at SBT by phone at 833.999.1941 to discuss our treatment options for yourself or a loved one.

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