Rehab offers you the chance to focus only on yourself and recovery. However, going back into the real world means being confronted with triggers that could result in a relapse. While the idea of moving on from rehab can be exciting, it does bring challenges for people looking to achieve their first year of sobriety. You’ll need to rely on all the tools and skills you learned in recovery as you navigate a life of sobriety. Below are some tips to help you remain free of drugs and alcohol as you work to rebuild and recover from your addiction. 

Create a Strong Support System

Keeping people around you who have your best interests at heart can increase your chances of success during your first year of sobriety. Don’t be afraid to separate yourself from people in your old life who may tempt you back into your old ways. 

Look for support groups near you who can help you connect to others in a similar situation. Work on maintaining relationships with people who can provide you with strength and encouragement when you are having a weak moment.

Make Your Goals Realistic

Addiction recovery is a lifelong process. It can be very tempting to make grand promises to yourself and others on what you want to accomplish in your first year of sobriety. However, make sure you don’t set goals that only set you up for failure. Remember, addiction is a chronic illness and something about which you must remain vigilant. Try to avoid pushing yourself beyond your current mental and emotional capacity. 

Your emotional state may be fragile during your first year. Work on setting realistic expectations on what you can accomplish. It can be as basic as making yourself a cup of therapeutic tea at the same time each day. Use these small steps as building blocks for the foundation of the kind of life you wish to build for yourself. 

Manage Your Triggers

Learn to recognize situations that could tempt you back into a life of addiction. It could be something like a party where alcohol will be served or an old hangout where you used drugs. Try writing out your known triggers and figure out how you will cope with each encounter. It may not be possible to avoid every potential relapse trigger, but you can make yourself stronger when they come around by preparing yourself beforehand. 

Work on Being Responsible

Sometimes it’s the small things that can bring the biggest challenges during your first year of sobriety. Learning to deal with the daily stresses of life is an essential step in recovery. If you manage to find employment, make a plan on how you will get to work on time each day instead of leaving transportation planning until the last minute. Work on shedding the neglectful habits you may have picked up during your addiction. 

Practice Self-Care

Try to find things to do that make you feel better. It could be something like finding a TV show to binge or taking a walk each day. You will find it hard to be a supportive person to others if you do not look out for your well-being. Healthy lifestyle changes like eating balanced meals each day or getting regular exercise can reduce stress that might push you toward a relapse. 

Get Started on the Road to Recovery

Solution Based Treatment & Detox focuses on helping clients learn strategies to maintain sobriety once they leave rehab. We show you how you can build a strong support system you can rely on during the first year of your sobriety and beyond.

Other services provided by Solution Based Treatment & Detox include:

  • Medical Detox
  • Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Residential Addiction Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient Program

Call us at 833.999.1941 If you’re ready to start your recovery journey.

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