What is it like to be sober after rehab? It’s hard for people living in active addiction to see what life can be like outside of the never-ending quest for narcotics. Addiction is all-encompassing and impacts so many areas of people’s lives. Life after rehab is easier with the right support network. Having a support network of people who understand the struggles of a newly sober person can make all the difference. Contact Solution Based Treatment & Detox at 833.999.1941 to learn more about our sober living program.

Staying Sober Means Being Accountable

Making the decision to seek help for addiction is the right one, but ask yourself what you want from being sober after rehab. At the beginning of your recovery, it’s best to avoid events and people that will make you feel tempted to drink or take drugs. Your sponsor and therapist will have more insight into approaching events in sobriety and what your timeline for attending these events might look like. Regardless of how long you’ve been sober, being around people who are drinking and using drugs can make it extremely difficult to avoid relapse. 

Unfortunately, many cultural, religious, social, and interpersonal events–things that keep us connected to our friends, family, and history–involve the use of alcohol and drugs. Some tips for staying include the following:

  • Being honest about your recovery
  • Choosing the right people to spend time with
  • Rebuilding your personality
  • Developing confidence to make your own decisions
  • 12-Step meetings

Sober living can open doors for you by providing you with numerous opportunities and resources that simply are not available to you when you are living in active addiction. When you have an addiction, you may be unable to make wise decisions and control your emotions. That’s common, but when you step out of addiction’s shadow into sober living, you develop an opportunity to achieve almost anything you desire.

Preparing You to Deal with Life

To remain sober after rehab, you have to have strategies and tools to help you to deal with the complications life puts in your path. This may include things like exposure to drugs and unresolved trauma. You need to stay on the path to sobriety by confronting these problems in a mindful, supportive environment. 

Supporting You When You Start on the Sober Living Path

Our aftercare program does not stop there. When you finish treatment at Solution Based Treatment and Detox, it is important to stay involved in a solid sober community. In order to remain sober after rehab, you’ll need support from time to time. That may include coming back into therapy for outpatient care. It may also involve getting help from mentors. That is just another layer of the support you get when you turn to Solution Based Treatment for your addiction treatment.

Do You Need to Embrace Therapy Now?

For some people, the thought of being sober after rehab seems completely unattainable. At Solution Based Treatment, you can embrace care and get the support you need to thrive. We can help meet your needs by providing you with access to different therapy options and treatment centers. Our programs include:

  • Detox treatment services
  • Sober living support services
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Dual diagnosis

Take the Steps You Need to Heal by Calling Solution Based Treatment

Sober living is an opportunity for you to live an engaging, healthy, and meaningful life. To get to the point of being sober after rehab, you have to seek out treatment. Our team at Solution Based Treatment can offer that to you. Our innovative programs, including our aftercare program, can help you to thrive. Learn more when you call 833.999.1941 or connect with us online.

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