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Benzo Detox

Benzodiazepines are typically prescribed for anxiety disorders. However, they are frequently abused and benzo’s are highly addictive. Some of the most common benzo’s of abuse are Xanax, Ativan and Valium. With increasing numbers of abuse, there’s an increasing need for benzo detox programs. First, benzodiazepines themselves can cause terrible withdrawal symptoms. In fact, stopping the use of benzo’s cold-turkey can lead to seizures, psychosis and death in some circumstances. The second reason there’s an increasing need for benzo detox programs is that fake benzo’s laced with fentanyl are increasingly common. This may lead to opioid addiction as well as benzo addiction.

Our Benzo Detox Program

What’s unique about our benzo detox program is our Treatment Team, approach to care and our setting. Our Treatment Team consists of medical, clinical and counseling staff. This helps us treat our clients who may also have mental health disorders. This combination of staff also helps us treat patients who use multiple substances. Our approach to care is based on a personalized approach to each client.  We take into account all substances of abuse, prescribed or illicit, as well as the length, frequency and amount of use. In-depth medical and clinical assessments are also accounted for to treat our patients comprehensively.

Benzo Detox Service

What Our Our Benzo Detox Program Offers You

Solution Based Treatment offers a unique benzo detox program in an upscale, non-hospital setting. Our admission’s staff makes it easy to get in to treatment. They will walk you through every step of admission and guide you along the way. To learn more, please call admissions at (833) 999-1941.

Initial Assessment

Telephonic Clinical Assessment

Medical Assessment Upon Arrival

FDA Approved Taper and Comfort Medications

GeneSight Testing

Lodging and Catered Meals Included

Easy Transition to Our 30, 45 or 60 Day Benzo Rehab Program

Continue Your Care in Our Intensive Outpatient Program

F.A.Q.'s About Benzo Detox

The withdrawal symptoms from discontinuing benzo’s abruptly is the #1 reason people seek benzo detox programs. One of those withdrawal symptoms is significantly increased anxiety. so, to reduce your uncertainty, here’s the top the questions people ask us about our benzo detox program and their answers.

In many cases yes. It depends on your insurance carrier in some circumstances but our admission’s staff is highly skilled at verifying your insurance benefits to determine if we can admit you same-day.

Our Treatment Team consisting of medical, clinical and counseling staff has over 100 years of collective experience. They are very familiar with helping people that use benzo’s in combination with other drugs and alcohol.

Absolutely. Solution Based Treatment’s Treatment Team is skilled ant treating behavior health disorders and well as substance use disorders.

Absolutely. Solution Based Treatment gives you the option to transition in to a 30, 45 or 60 day benzo rehab program once the detox portion of your treatment is complete. In addition, we offer an Intensive Outpatient program once you’ve completed the inpatient portion of care.