Dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse

All psychoactive substances carry some risk of addiction. Since addiction can lead to physical and psychological dependence, seeking an additional level of treatment can save your life. As we now know, many prescription medications taken in exact accordance with your doctor’s recommendations can result in physical dependency. The side effects of many prescription drugs end up damaging people’s health, self-image, relationships, and families. Contact Solution Based Treatment and Detox in Murrieta, CA, to learn more about overcoming the dangers of prescription drug abuse by calling 833.999.1941.

Why Is Prescription Drug Abuse So Dangerous?

Prescription drug abuse happens to many people using opioids (pain killers) and medications for ADHD and sleep problems. These drugs have addictive qualities. That means that they trigger the pleasure center and reward centers of the brain. Once this happens, the brain wants to keep experiencing that same relief of pain. As a result, people develop a tolerance, meaning they need more of the drug to get the same effects.

This type of drug abuse can lead to a number of problems, including:

  • Addiction
  • Tolerance, requiring the use of more of the drugs to get the same result
  • Brain, heart, and kidney damage
  • Mental health
  • Relationships turmoil
  • Financial woe
  • Withdrawal symptoms if you stop using

Like any other type of drug abuse, prescription drugs can develop into an uncontrollable addiction where you cannot stop using on your own.

Am I Addicted to My Pain Meds?

There are a variety of indications that you may need help for prescription drug abuse. You may be struggling to stop using a particular drug. If you do, you may feel pain, intense cravings, and headaches. Sometimes you may develop agitation or anxiety when you cannot access the drugs.

You may also want to look at changes in your emotions and behaviors. Are you missing opportunities to spend time with family because of your use? Are you doctor shopping to get access to more pills? You may have even taken the medication from others. If your prescription is running out before it should, that’s also an indication that you may need help.

Without Treatment Drug Abuse Worsens

The longer you wait to get help for your addiction, the harder it is for you to make a clean break. What you may not realize is that even in situations involving chronic pain, you can find alternative treatments without addictive qualities. The clinicians at Solution Based Treatment can help you with this at our homestyle treatment center.

Drug rehab is the best way to stop the progression of prescription drug abuse. It can help you to reclaim your life. This type of drug abuse happens to even those who don’t want to abuse drugs. Yet, there is help to overcome it.

Prescription Drug Abuse Is Treatable

Making the decision to get help is critical, and it is something you can do right now. If you are struggling with prescription drug abuse, now is the time to take action. Just call Solution Based Treatment for a consultation. We can provide a clinical assessment and give you support during detox. We offer programs to help you include:

  • Detox treatment services
  • Sober living support services
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Dual diagnosis

Ready to Get Help? Call Solution Based Treatment

Prescription drug abuse can happen to anyone, even those who strive not to use these drugs. Don’t overlook the importance of therapy for drug abuse. Our team at Solution Based Treatment offers prescription drug abuse therapy designed to support your very best outcome. Call us now at 833.999.1941 or reach out to us online for support.

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