Medical Supervisor

Justin Gatfield

Justin Gatfield | LVN III

Medical Supervisor

What year did you begin with Solution Based Treatment?


What does your average day look like as a member of the team?

On average my day consists of reviewing assessments, coordinating care for our clients, providing education to clients on various topics, oversight of all medical staff at residential detox facilities providing direction to ensure delivery of care meets the expectations of clients, and act as the liaison for our medical provider.

Why are you passionate about addiction treatment and recovery?

My passion for addiction treatment and recovery stems from my own personal history. I’ve worked with countless individuals in the many years of working in substance abuse treatment that my passion has only grown, watching the change occur for so many on a daily basis is both humbling and inspiring.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

My free time is spent mostly with my two young sons Dax and Samuel, we enjoy camping and the outdoors, traveling and seeing new places. We really enjoy trying new stuff, so it is often that we are out and about seeking adventure.