group of men and women holding hands and praying in faith-based recovery programFor clients who are seeking a deeper spiritual approach to their addiction recovery, Solution Based Treatment & Detox offers a faith-based track using faith principles to break free of the cycle of addiction. To ensure that all feel welcome, we do not preach a particular religion to any of our clients; however, we do look at the Word of God from the Life Recovery Bible to provide guidance on our struggles and support our faith.

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What to Expect From Faith-Based Recovery at Solution Based

We offer a faith-based recovery track called “Building on the Rock,” where clients are encouraged to reflect on themselves spiritually, and scripture is used as guidance to overcome addiction’s grip. Clients receive individual counseling and group therapy sessions with our spiritual and knowledgeable staff. In our faith-based treatment program, God’s love and acceptance are emphasized so that the recovering person can gather strength and find inspiration to break the chains of any addiction.

Advantages of a Faith-Based Recovery Program

The extended use of psychoactive drugs fundamentally changes the thinking of an addicted person. Since thinking affects spirituality, getting sober helps us stay mindful, connected, and cognizant. If you have developed a dependence on a substance that is harming your health, dreams, family, relationships, and future, a medication-assisted treatment program at Solution Based Treatment & Detox can help you get your life back and move through trauma.

A faith-based recovery program can offer many advantages for those seeking a deeper connection to their spirituality. For example, at Solution Based, our faith-based program can provide:

  • A focus on rebuilding a relationship with God: In our “Building on the Rock” track, we encourage clients to focus on rebuilding their relationship with God. This can be a crucial part of the recovery process, as it can help individuals find strength and hope in God.
  • A focus on the 12-steps: Our faith-based program also focuses on the 12 steps, which are a set of guidelines that can help individuals to recover from addiction. The 12 steps are based on Christian principles, and they can be very helpful for those seeking a Christian-based recovery.
  • A focus on service: Our faith-based program also emphasizes the importance of service. We believe that service is a vital part of the Christian faith, and it can be beneficial for individuals in recovery. Service can help recovering individuals feel useful and fulfilled, and it can also help them to stay sober.

Clients who have attended this track have discovered it is easier to practice forgiveness, surrender, self-love, and find purpose in their lives again, making it easier for them to stay sober. We know a life with purpose is worth living. Many clients who attend this track have said, “This is what has been missing from my life.”

Faith-Based Addiction Treatment in Murrieta, California

Your relationship with your higher power becomes stronger in your sobriety than you ever thought possible. People who live their daily lives surrounded by fear and uncertainty sometimes use dangerous drugs to assuage that fear. We know that a person’s genetic makeup, personal experiences, and lack of effective coping skills often point them toward becoming chemically dependent on a substance that will destroy their existence. We can help you regain control of your life and break the cycle of addiction.

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