residential rehab near los angeles

Finding Residential Rehab near Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a large, urban city in Southern California with nearly four million residents. As a famous city in the United States and internationally, many people come to Los Angeles seeking better opportunities for their families. However, drug and alcohol use is common in Los Angeles, with many turning to alcohol or opioids for…

effects of suboxone

Understanding the Effects of Suboxone

Medically assisted treatment (MAT) for the abuse of narcotics is often accomplished with Suboxone. Understanding the effects of Suboxone and what its intended use is can help you or a loved one get through withdrawal symptoms. For those detoxing from addiction to any opioid, the experience will be challenging. Therefore, finding a caring and safe…

avoiding relapse

Helpful Tips for Avoiding Relapse

Upon completing a treatment program and achieving sobriety, a lot of emotions can come up. It’s thrilling to succeed in conquering addiction, but maintaining a drug-free lifestyle can be harder than people anticipate. Once people have finished a treatment program, they are never “cured” of addiction. It takes daily effort to make healthy decisions, and…

signs of opioid addiction

Common Signs of Opioid Addiction

While many people have the belief that addiction only happens with “street” drugs, the reality is more complicated. In fact, opioid treatment for recovery from surgery or chronic pain can turn into a dangerous addiction. As a result, those who are not carefully monitored in their opioid use are at risk of developing a dependency.…

individual counseling

Benefits of Individual Counseling

Those who deal with addiction, and their loved ones, may already be aware that recovery takes more than just deciding to quit. Therefore, if you’ve already been through rehab and relapsed, this could be something you’ve learned the hard way. The good news, however, is that addiction specialists and psychologists understand much more about addiction…

healing from trauma

Advice for Healing from Trauma

While addiction is a problem that affects many people, the root of this problem often is traced back to trauma. Traumatic events and situations are not always easy to talk about. Finding those who understand and are committed to your healing can be an important step in addiction recovery. With more mental health and addiction…

family support

The Importance of Family Support

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is often the result of feelings of loneliness and isolation. These feelings may or may not be related to family relationships. Regardless, family relationships are an important source of connection and strength for those seeking recovery. Getting to the root causes of an addiction can take time and patience. People…